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Thursday, July 18, 2019
dr azeem khoja

Announcing the Smile Maker: Dr Azeem Khoja

Creating the First Impress - Dr. Azeem Khoja tells us how! In today’s fast-paced world, we cannot spare even a minute when it comes to...

Global Cigar Culture

The Suave and Erudite Ashish Bhasin speaks to Prajakta Albuquerque   The cigar smoking culture is a unique one, and one cannot say that all cigars...
Rita Verma, Makeup Artist

Beauty to Behold

Rita Verma - International Makeup Artist & Cosmetic Enthusiast Tells us How From finding the ideal foundation to pair with your skin tone, to the...
hair transplant, Baldness

A Permanent Remedy for Baldness

Heard of ARTAS Hair Transplant Robot? Dr. Anjali Shere, a Dermatologist, MD, tells us more about it… One of the things that most men seem...
eyelash extensions

Flutter Them All The Way

Eyelash Extensions! It can't get better than this. How many of us long for long lustrous eyelashes? We use layers of mascara that may run...
mickey mehta

Get Mickeymized! – Prajakta Albuquerque in conversation with Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta has made it his mission to bring about a spiritual revolution. Calling him a spiritual guru would be befitting… a beacon of...
Shefali Shah

Rawness in between the monochromes

A candid conversation with actor Shefali Shah, who exhibited her paintings in the city recently ‘Ferocious with greed, incandescent and flaming, rising like the Phoenix,...
nail art

Pompy’s Nail Art and More

Debarati, or popularly known as Pompy is a striking young lady who always had stars in her eyes and dreams beyond the clouds. She was...

The Proof is in Eating the Pudding

How can a Christmas dinner end without a Christmas Pudding? A traditional dessert in the UK, Ireland and a few other countries that have British...