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Foot painting at The Pavillion by 350 Women-Together We Stand

On the occasion of Women’s Day 8th March 2019, our city witnessed a historic event as 350 women came together to create a painting...

Watch the Highlights of the Mirchi Queen Bee Party

Want to see what 'work hard party harder' looks like? Well, the Mirchi Queen Bee's 16 contestants were a perfect embodiment last evening. They...

Mirchi Queen Bee’s finalists at grand outdoor locations

It’s no fun and challenge for models unless they go outdoors. So, our stunning 16 finalists seemed thrilled to shoot at The Pavillion Mall...

Top 16 of Mirchi Queen Bee 2018

Pune's esteemed beauty pageant by 98.3 Radio Mirchi is back in town. Today, on April 2, the top 16 finalists for Mirchi Queen Bee 2018 were...