The Flavours of France at Cinq for Christmas


I was invited for a tasting to Cinq on Dolepatil Road near the Petrol Pump. It was a rushed day like always, and I was in 2 minds. My daughter was leaving that evening for Hyderabad. I was torn. But the wonderful child she is she insisted that I go. Christmas is round the bend and the menu had been set by Chef Ambar Rode who has specialized from the Le Cordon Bleu institute in Sydney Australia. It was a cold evening, and I actually was again indecisive of what to wear. Was it formal or informal. I dressed well enough for any evening.

I walked into this warm place on a cold evening and saw the tables mostly occupied. It added to the warmth. I was greeted and taken to my table. The Christmas meal had yet to be rolled out. However, I saw at every table all were gorging on some dish or the other, and every dish looked appetizing. I was ravenous. How happy was I when I was told I could order for starters of my choice until the meal arrived.

Deconstructed Salmon Roulade is what I called for. I love a good Salmon. Was I risking it? Who cares! It is only on savoring it would I know. A very pleasing and simply decorative plate with salmon was placed in front of me. I delved in. I knew I was going to wipe that plate out! Beetroot cured salmon serve with lemon cream, capers and fennel fronds is a must must must try! The salmon is sourced from Scotland. The taste and texture is clean.
I did not want to order for any more, as the Christmas meal was the highlight. The chef was busy with his boys plating the food.

The Menu decided on was very European.

The Bisque…a Seafood soup. I was actually skeptical. I normally try avoiding soups as I get full very fast. But let me tell you…I am glad I took the first sip. I wanted more. I finished the bowl regardless of the fact that there were others around to taste. More was to come.
This is a soup made with lobster, crab, prawns, orange peel, aniseed and garlic. Of course all pureed.

Next dish lined up was the Leg of Ham, Creamy Mash, Honey Roasted Carrots. The dish was flavorful. The ham could have had better texture. Of course I gave my feedback. The potato mash was heavenly. Mashed to a creamy texture and mixed to perfection in butter and pepper. Slurrp! Carrot..tiny ones had the slight crunch to it, and the sweetness of the honey was just right.

Crispy Pork Belly

Came the Crispy Pork Belly. I could not believe that I was now actually being a glut. I rarely eat pork and here I was tucking in this gorgeously made dish. The texture …Perfecto! The flavors…What do I say? Yum. It was served black wild rice. The rice may go well with some as it is very different from the regular rice. But then it’s a small portion that does not take away the deliciousness of the crispy pork belly and mash and carrots.

Mushroom Pithiviers looked like bruchettas with a difference. They were delectable and were sure teasers. Three different types of mushrooms stir fired with flavours were served on ricotta made in-house.

The Mushroom Pithiviers

Cheese Platter with 3 different cheese …parmesan, emental sourced from Switzerland, and brie sourced from France. A nice change before the desserts were served.

The Cheese Platter

The Strawberry Mille de Feuille… Mille de feuille is the crunch the pastry gives you in the desert. All the components were served with different textures. There was a mascarpone, strawberry cream, fresh strawberry and chocolate and some crunch from the pastry. It was even pretty to the eyes.

The Strawberry Mille de Feuille

Moeleux au Chocolate was to die for; the Rasberry Sorbet along with it…One little bite was enough to say it was well made. Generally sorbets and I don’t go together. I catch a cold! Or should I say ice and I. So I stay away from it. But then was at a tasting, and I had to know. So I took a spoonful praying I would not catch a cold.

The Moelleux au Chocolate

All I need to say is put on your best Christmas clothes, take your loved ones and treat them to the ultimate Christmas menu at Cinq Brasserie!

For Reservation please call:

Reservation – 097664 81460

Date – 25th of December to 31st of December

Time – 12 noon to 12 am

Place – Brasserie Cinq,  Insignia, Ground floor, behind PNG brothers, opposite Wadia college Bund Garden Road, Dhole Patil Rd, Opposite Axis Bank, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

The Brasserie has also a variety of dishes that you will find interesting and new, and of-course holding a burst of flavors. Chef Ambar Rode gives a lot of importance to the ingredients and the nutritional value it carries and hence prefers using seasonal ingredients.

Merry X’mas!



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