10 UP Embarking on a journey of doing good for Society


When Ashish Buyan announced he needed for people to join him on a venture he was to embark on, I knew I needed to be a part of it. It was deep and instinctive. There had to be something good that he would be doing.

It was on Sunday that we all met. 5 pm was the time, and Ashish being Ashish he was clear on us being on time. 10 minutes was the grace given.

Receiving guests with love…Ashish with Dr. Deven Raisoni
With Vinit Grover

Ashish had thought of everything. He had called for snacks and tea. Everyone although waiting expectantly to know the eventual motive of the gathering could not refrain from the tempting aroma that permeated the room. At 5.10 the doors shut. He stuck to his words. I actually liked that. One needs discipline in life if one needs to achieve great heights.

The Team that helped with the snacks

I needed to thank him for making me a part of the clan. I was on standby and prayed I would be called if anyone had dropped out. The good lord heard my plea. And so I said a few words in gratitude.

Me being grateful for the chance to serve society

Ashish took to the stage. All waited with baited breath.

Ashish addressing the audience along with him is the clown from Circus


Finding ways of doing good

We were the young soldiers called to dedicate our time and efforts in various innovative ways to help alleviate the mental, physical emotional pains of the other. To make aware also that the physical society we live in needs love and care.

Rahul welcomed with love and Ashish looking on

Compassion a long forgotten word and emotion is what we need to nurture in today’s day and age. A true feeling of wanting to ease the suffering of another. In our busy lives we barely have the time to understand another, to listen to another with empathy.

Spreading love and compassion…a simple hug given with love can change the life of another

The emotional malaise that is rampant in our lives is eating away into the lives of people leaving them lonely, sad, and depressed, sometimes totally confused.

Ashish in his baritone voice, began to unfold the many ways in which we can contribute to society selflessly, willingly, continuously.

Some of the areas that we can focus on were mentioned by him, in-order to give us all an idea of what and how we can give back to society in small measures if not large.

The lady behind the CREATIVES

He laid emphasis on education…not just the academic kind but also making people aware of the social atrocities that prevail and how we can contain it, of the loneliness stemming out of social media and parental neglect, of the many children now succumbing to drugs as they are lost and lacking emotional security, of the peer pressure that draws the teens into activities definitely not benefiting the teens.

There was also a small discussion on the elderly and how they have been neglected by many of their children who get so drowned in pursuing their dreams of achieving success and in the process forget the ones who have given them life.

All present listened with rapt attention and began to voice enthusiastically of what they could do to help. Ideas were welcomed.

We need to understand that nature around us also needs to be protected. In our quest of wanting the luxuries in life we have damaged our eco system. Conserving fuel, recycling of goods, planting trees, using solar power, conserving water were also a part of the discussion. And of course a plethora of areas that we as the citizens of the country first, and people residing in the city of Pune can do to improve the lives of others which in eventuality improves ours, our city and on a larger scale the country.

Qualities of kindness and warmth, perseverance and resolve, patience and wisdom is what we need to inculcate to extend the true emotion of compassion.

One of the participants in the group wrote a very touching poem the gist of it being we are all one, together we can achieve all that we desire. Let us forge ahead in desiring the good and do good.

A sense of community is created when people are kind and compassionate to one another. Kindness and compassion need a lot of courage and strength.

Bonding to be ONE…creating a feeling of TOGETHERNESS

The motto is to scale up a 10 on a measuring scale of 1 to 10 in all that we do!

Some more pictures in the gallery





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