5 Drinking games for adults that make a housewarming hot!

Drinking games

Drinking games that roll the fun or icebreakers at housewarming parties

Once you have arranged the hottest booze for the night, dressed up sultry, dimmed the lights and dished an array of appetizers, it’s time to say a hello! Yes, being a good host starts not only with making your house the venue for a party but also rolling the ice with overwhelming games that raise your spirits. These drinking games you should try out before the night sweeps by.

Drinking games

The drinking game of Bite the bag

All you need for this game is a simple brown paper bag and a tub full of guts. Firstly place the bag on the floor and let the player pick it up with his or her mouth, and yes let the bag be empty! You are not supposed to use anything except your mouth to pick the bag and every time you lose you slurp a sip of beer or of your darling vodka on board. The challenge gets tougher and insane as you go reducing the height of the bag by folding it. It looks easy, but like they say looks are deceptive!

The drinking game of Laughing

Laughter is the best therapy and when you sit drinking it comes naturally to you! The simple rule of this game is to laugh loudly and the only sweet little rule says, you are not supposed to show up your teeth. This one’s not as easy as it looks and one who ends up showing the 32-inch screen has to take a chance to chug up a shot of vodka or round up a sip of scotch. Light up the mood by playing this game and break the awkwardness around. This is also a good weapon to get over your ex!

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The drinking game of Truth or Shots

Drinking games

An extremely funny, stupid, psychedelic, interesting, witty and hilariously tricky game that should be an inevitable part of your drinking party playlist is Truth or Shots! You make chits of questions that could be anything you like or either anything that tickles the funny bones and spread it on the table. Everybody gets a chance to pick a question card, which lets you tell the truth if you fail then you have to drink up the shot. Take a chance with this drinking game to know ‘if she has a guy in her life!

The drinking game of Medusa

Drinking games

This game can be better played on a dining table or a small center table in the living room. First of all, lay a circle of shots and all the players will sit around the table in a way that they all have a shot glass right in front of them. Just like the proxy classes in school put your heads down on the table. All of a sudden come up and look at each other and shout out ‘Medusa’ if you stare at somebody who is staring at you in return like an ardent admirer you lose, and you need to curl up that shot straight away. This drinking game brings hilarity and the graph of surprise moves upward!

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The drinking game of Taboo

Drinking games

This is an enticing game and needs cards that have three things mentioned in it, namely the action or a word. Taboo needs a little bit of an effort but it is sure worth the fun. Everyone can pick up a card from the stack on the table and it would have some common action or word written on it that will be said publicly twice or thrice. The moment that action or word is called out loud or see someone do the action, they have to scream ‘Taboo’ and then that person drinks. Well, words or actions commonly used can be like, pull that chair, pass me the tissue box and so on.

Drinking games

These drinking games make it easy even if you are hanging out with your boyfriend’s roommates for the first time or you are warming up your newly done house with friends. So next time you plan a drinking game night at your house, keep it cool with these conspicuous entertainers. You warm up the food, let adults warm up your home and leave the rest to these drinking games to catnap it all!


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