5 types of cocktails that resemble 5 types of personalities


Alcohol is a personality detector and we have decided to give it a shot! Whether it is at office amongst colleagues who plan a cocktail night, or at a blind date you caught up on last minute, you are exuding certain vibes inadvertently. It is quite luring to know that the choice of your cocktail says something about you. We have chosen a few ageless cocktails and tried to frisk out what every drink decodes about your personality.

The Green Apple Martini cocktail for the style quotient


If you are a martini lover you are a sure fashion and style enthusiast. You love to enact latest style trends and that really makes you feel good about yourself. The martini lovers are light drinkers and the acute tropical taste rules their plum. It gives them pride in relating easily to minimalism. They are people who would have a martini over a brunch or even at a work meeting and what keeps them headstrong is the meddlesome olive, in case of any hangover! This germane fuel is a way to stay away from the famously known ‘moh Maya’!

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Long Island cocktail for the bold, beautiful and crazy

The long island Cocktail


Like a storm in a glass, this drink resembles somebody who loves to mess things up! This one is a crazy mix of vodka, rum and gin that portrays a person who is bold and beautiful and crazy at the same time.  The choice of this cocktail is a good plan for a wicked night and shows the mix of moods you want to slip in. The long Island cocktail is an atrocious one and makes sure you don’t skip a bite or two in between! The long island cocktail lovers enjoy the overpowering moments of life. You need guts to last in one serving and a second is quite a defiance!

Manhattan cocktail for the pace lover


The city of Manhattan beefed up for you in this cocktail portrays about love for swift and fast life reasonably well. It uncovers your desire to get drunk fast, so heaven in haste seems the motto of such people who order it. This whiskey and vermouth blend is saying a yes to an occasional dalliance. Such people who pick this cocktail on their go-to list often want to get impetuously drunk. The pace of life gives them the thrill they want and a Manhattan lover always has the perfectly ‘high regard’ for it.

Mojito cocktail for the traveler or explorer


This cocktail has a special place in your heart if you love to travel or have a lot of adventures or anecdotes to narrate. Mojito cocktail drinkers are explorers and the imperative mint and white rum marriage is the ideal catalyst they need. They are radical lovers of rum and are thirsty to keep the cocktail uncomplicated. Such people are generally well dressed and very talkative. So if you want to party hard and still show up at work on time the next day then this one is your inevitable choice. It is the one known with a lesser known hangover.

Gin and Tonic cocktail for the Classic At heart


A class apart are you if you love the gin and tonic amalgam. Gin and tonic story has been that of old inseparable lovers well accepted by the society. If you crave for this cocktail you are exotic at heart and would order it at the lunch meeting or even at the boys’ night out. Polo shirts and linen pants often make you go weak in the knees and the classic tone in you keeps this gin tonic duo on your drinking hotlist. These kinds of people rarely get swayed by any other drink and experimenting is an absolute blue moon thing. No wonder their roots lie at the highball!

So having a cocktail and exuding a vibe is a reflex action and you have no control over. The next time you are at a bar hopping or merely playing the host you can spot these characters out there. The one who takes ages to retire from the bar or the one who seeks rapid pleasure in a few drinks, the hangover unerringly decides what really suits you the best!

Every drink decodes about your Personality


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