5 Valentine’s Day ideas to say yes or no this 2018

Valentine's day

Valentine’s day is here and we are already feeling cupid! There is a lot done and said about this day of love, the 14th of February. A humungous day of love celebrated by many and unequivocally hated by the rest is what Valentine’s literally means to us. We went through the cheesy pickup lines, the run-of-the-mill teddys and red rose routine. Yes, we too are weary just like you.

We thought of spooning some new goals your way with these Valentine’s day ideas.

Valentine's day

This Valentine’s day say YES to putting away your phone for your loved one

The lights when dimmed make your partner look beautiful and the mood is set for some romance. This Valentine’s day put the phone away for your loved one and spend some unconditional time with them. It is high time you focus on off-screen romance than the on-screen one! Say yes to doing away with your social display of love or the unending work calls and rekindle the romance in your life. The candlelight dinner might not work as much as this one! If he or she keeps the phone away, he or she is a keeper for life.

This Valentine’s day say No to getting agitated over not sharing passwords

Valentine's day

A mere facebook password can be the reason for a skirmish between two lovers. Let this not be an excuse to argue. This Valentine’s day ‘say no’ to getting stressed over not sharing passwords. Promise each other personal space and let your relation grow with time. There is a bad thing called as ‘insecurity’ and let that not be a havoc to your love for each other. A soft toy gift is cute, but giving space to your partner is far more bullish.

This Valentine’s day say yes to opening up about your needs

Valentine's day

The more you bottle it the more difficult it gets for your partner to access it. Sit him or her down over a hearty meal and talk about your needs, mental and physical both. We know that opening up isn’t duck-soup!But we know without a doubt that it will make your relationship stronger. Say yes to opening up with your partner about things like he or she not giving you a compliment or even a good foreplay in bed! You make up your mind and let the rest unwind with adequate love.

This Valentine’s day say no to raising your volume while talking to your loved ones

Valentine's day

We don’t mean to whisper in his or her ears when you speak! Just don’t be harsh when you speak to him or her in everyday mundane life. The idea here is not to be giving you ‘gyaan’ at all. The more respectful your tone is, your partner will experience all the more dignity. Your’s will truly be an ‘integral equation’! Bless your own relation by showering your partner with plenty of respect. In this techy and busy life at times we lose often lose our temper and that’s where you need to pull the reign.

This Valentine’s day say yes to spending the day as per your partner’s plan

Valentine's day

If businesses can work on a 50-50 model, so can the incandescent lovers! Plan the day as per his or her fantasies and get your love story going. She might want to get cosy on a couch sipping wine and watching movies or he might want to hit the gaming zone and go have a drink! Don’t let timid squabbles bend your intentions of sheer love. Give your partner the passion and work out the day according to both your go-to.

This Valentine’s day say no to nagging

If your partner is a nagging star tell them about it. Brave this day and lessen the gap between you two. Talk about what harm nagging does to you and make him or she understand the same. We know it is no child’s play and you have to deal with it intricately. When approaching such a sensitive topic make sure you do not be harsh in your words.

Valentine's day

The dinner table is laid and we are waiting for the wine to be poured along with some profound conversations. You go ahead, cuddle, rekindle and recreate your first successful date and ventilate the circumstances. A sensible mood lighting, a bottle of wine, some good music and nostalgia make the perfect overdose! Hope this Valentine’s day brings you, what they call the undying love.

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