8 Summer Bags that we believe are mandatory this 2018


A woman’s bag carries a thousand stories, a multitude of impressions and a reasonable sense of belonging! We are epitomized by our handbags and so we share an amorous relation with it. Well, to get to the point we thought of exoticism! We decided to get you a string of handbags that went hot on the runways this summer 2018.

8 Handbags for Summer 2018 that we believe will no longer be just a pipe dream!

Sliced Bags for Summer 2018

We caught the craze about slim bags this summer 2018. Just like fancy Instagram slim summer body goals, slim bags made it clear. From Salvatore Ferragamo to Dolce Gabbana, thin bags be it fringed or just paper thin envelope clutches looked hot. Try a hand at sliced bags and glam up your wardrobe this summer.

Floral Bags for Summer 2018






The Botanical prints will cool you down this summer, a little more than your aloe gel! We love the freshness that they bring to a solid coloured outfit. Summer 2018 cannot get better with floral print slings and bags or even clutches and wallets!



Pastel Bags for Summer 2018
Pastel bags

Pastels are not just believed to be loved by airy-fairy tribes but also the intellectuals are aiming for these dainty goals. The soft powdery lilacs, shell pink rose and sky blues are hues fashionistas are making ‘habits’! You can team a white shirt with blue skinny jeans and paint it with a rose pink sling to flirt with this trend exuberantly.

Dramatized Bags for Summer 2018

Embellished bags full of beads and sequins were seen going wild this season. The slings look full of drama and they will totally amplify your sense of style this summer 2018. A casual attire can be overplayed with embellished bags, just for that extra inch of fire!

Shrimpy Sling Bags for Summer 2018

Shrimpy or smallish sling bags are thumping the runways this summer 2018! We heard the noise and thought of passing on the decibels to you women out there. Port your world in a small sling bag preferably with chained slings. We smell minimalism here and believe it is here to spend a good time! Do away with the macro bags and opt for the shrimpy sling bags this time.

Shrimpy sling bags with chain sling
Fling Backpacks for Summer 2018

Like a fling that doesn’t grow too big, our tiny fling backpacks are hooting this season. The sports chic in you will love the back to school logic in disguise here. We love the idea of carrying a leather or a printed funky backpack and underlining comfort.

Tasseled Bags for Summer 2018

Tasseled bags are this season’s hottest trend! We are in love with tasseled bags that can be found at Aldo, Zara etc and other high street fashion wear brands. A formal ensemble can be grown interesting by planting a tasseled bag in there. A 10 on 10 for this trend that has our heart already!

Round Bags for Summer 2018

The round bag trend has grown organically! We are loving the vibe it can create with shades of bottle green or tan or purely printed fabric. The leather round sling bags look stylish with types of denim or even dinner dresses. Make sure a bottle green or a black maybe with suede or embroidery is on your buying list!

These 8 trends will make your summer 2018 action-packed! You will have comfort, fashion, drama all entrancingly at your beck and call. You can dab hand the spring with these infectious styles that will not only magnify your prowess but also revisit your ideas in the style laboratory!




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