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p.n.gadgil jewellers
Saurabh Gadgil felicitates Nirmalatai Danave.

A diamond ring is symbolic of steadfast love and life-long friendship in a companion. At P.N.Gadgil Jewellers the association with diamonds has just begun – to last forever. An association that is symbolic of love and quality for the customer. The New diamond Division on Laxmi Road and a Diamond Store on Paud Road opened on the 6th of April,2018.

At P.N.Gadgil Jewellers, Saurabh Gadgil has been the man behind the tremendous transformation of the prestigious line that today has become an international brand. You take the name P.N.Gadgil (P.N.G.) Jewellers and people can immediately associate with this name.

He is the 6th generation of the 186 years old legacy, taking this prestigious line forward with great leadership skills, new initiatives, new product launches, innovative schemes, and offers.

The recent development is the Diamond Division, creating jewels with a difference and distinct personality.

The Launch 
p.n.gadgil jewellers
Nirmalatai Danave lights the lamp-with Saurabh Gadgil, Radhika Gadgil, and others

The launch was very traditional, according to the Indian Vedic custom with the lighting of the lamp, performed by Nirmalatai Danave. The lighting of the lamp signifies salutation to the Supreme bringing in light, auspiciousness, prosperity, an abundance of wealth and destruction of the enemy’s intellect.

p.n.gadgil jewellers
Nirmalatai Danave with Saurabh Gadgil

The entire store was decorated with flowers and garlands that made the place look like a spiritual temple reflecting the synthesis of art, culture, value, and belief system. The girls who manage the place were dressed prettily in navari sarees.

The place was buzzing with chatter. Beverages flowed. We were waiting for the ‘D’ moment…the puja and the lighting of the lamp.

I so wanted to talk to Saurabh about the new venture. However, he being busy I chose to speak to their Creative head and designer of the line of jewelry Sumit at P.N. Gadgil Jewellers.

I would like to know why the sudden change to Diamonds?

“All along we were focusing completely on gold jewelry. We were meaning to start for a while and now diamonds have become an increasingly important part of our strategy.”

Why now? Is it that diamonds are expensive and is the right of only the rich to possess them?

“It is a myth that diamonds are expensive. Culturally India has been the place for gold to be used in jewelry. With time the mindset has started changing. Diamonds all of a sudden became a very acceptable form of jewelry. So at P.N.Gadgil Jewellers, we said why not embark on it, and hence the journey began.”

Would it now be cheaper and more accessible to the middle class?

“It would not be cheaper nor would I say expensive. Gold used to be far cheaper in the earlier days. Today you can get a piece of diamond jewelry almost at the same price of a piece of gold jewelry. So if you have the option of buying a piece of diamond jewelry instead of gold then why not. Besides, we at P.N.Gadgil Jewellers have fantastic schemes and discounts. Come and experience it!”

Does owning a piece of diamond jewelry raise the prestige bar?

“The exclusivity of having and wearing diamond jewelry does set you apart!”

Would the GST policy affect the sale of diamonds?

“If you like something very much you would want to buy it.”

But what if I cannot afford it?

“You would then curtail on some other items that you would want to buy, save up some, and then spend on something that you like and is of value.”
I loved this suggestion. Very prudent I must say. We sometimes do spend on unnecessary things, and later maybe regret why did we buy them. Why not wisely save up and buy something that will last forever with you? And of course, flaunt it when you have an occasion to go to.

What can you say about the P.N.Gadgil heritage?

p.n.gadgil jewellers
Nirmalatai Danave, Saurabh Gadgil, Radhika Gadgil and others
P.N.Gadgil Jewellers is a 186-year-old legacy whose Quality is synonymous with the brand. They have taken the brand and designs and forms of jewelry to the next level keeping in mind the age-old tradition of India and its values. Saurabh Gadgil is a visionary and a dynamic boss.”
I looked around at the dazzling pieces of jewelry. Much thought has been put into the designs, keeping in mind the evolving client, and the changing trends.
There are wonderfully designed pieces catering to the modern woman to want to possess it! You can find an array of exclusive diamond collections ranging from stunning neckpieces, danglers, cocktail rings, etc.
p.n.gadgil jewellers
Aarti Buxani with Nirmalatai Danave and Radhika Gadgil.

To add to the belief system was a painting done by Aarti Buxani called the Gajant Laxmi. The painting ‘A Healing Power of Art’…Gajraj is the deity of strength, intellect, wealth and richness. All happiness and richness reside in the place where the icon is placed.

p.n.gadgil jewellers
Prajakta Albuquerque and Radhika Gadgil

A closer look will show you Lord Ganeshji carved on both sides of the abdomen. The symbols of the peacock, the deer, the cow-head and the lotus flower are also etched symbolizing charm, beauty, purity, and grandeur. The Lion’s head signifies protection from evil. The Gajant Laxmi radiates positive energy and the right foreleg step forward resonates progress.

I am certain at P.N.Gadgil Jewellers with such positive cosmic energy flowing there is only progress and prosperity in store.

There are irresistible offers of flat 50% off on diamond jewelry making charges valid until the 30th of April. 


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