A gift of love

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Love is in the air and the day to celebrate it is right here. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, February 14, Elephant & Co. put up a pop-up exhibition that included delicate jewelry, scented candles, and lovely attires.

The pop-up exhibition at Elephant & Co. best answered  all your Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Let’s pamper ourselves. Let’s take a vow to love ourselves first. So women and the men looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for their lady love headed to Elephant & Co. They had scrumptious food, pleasing music, delightful ambiance, and a great pop-up exhibition.

Fine jewelry

Valentine's Day gift ideas

No woman will ever say she has enough of jewelry. The more delicate and beautiful jewelry pieces she has, the happier she will be. So jewelry is your best option for Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Valentine's Day gift ideas





Jewelry designer Monicka Vadera Poonawalla, who owns the label House of MVJ, displayed her latest jewelry collection at the pop-up exhibition. For exquisite Valentine’s Day gift ideas, her jewelry collection was a tempting offer.

Chanda Patil and Monicka Vadera Poonawalla

The collection included elegant long earrings, mix-and-match, and DIY pieces. Most of the jewelry was made of semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Poonawalla said, “I’m anti-red. So you will see nothing in red. My personal favorites are amethyst and rose quartz, both are love-associated colors and are offbeat.”

The jewelry was all affordable, stylish, and good to gift to your special someone. Women would love to adorn themselves with these pretty pieces. There were the pretty little baby and butterfly charms, and an array of colorful semi-precious stones, that you could mix and match and team up with your dress.

The Bohemian way

The latest collection of designer Deepika Rathi’s label Natania was exclusively Bohemian. It included short and long dresses, and jackets, embellished with bead and mirror works. This was one of your best Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Valentine's Day gift ideas

There were summer wears, resort wears, and evening wears, which were all flowy. So, for someone who likes fitted waists, there were striking, broad belts to put on. Talking about her collection, Rathi stated, “I don’t do too much of fitted stuff. These pieces are all flowy, which can be worn comfortably all through the day.”

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Deepika Rathi

One thing that stood out in her collection was the monochromatic theme. Rathi reasoned that she is not fond of prints. She likes to design on a plain fabric, which she believes is her canvas to work beautifully on. Rathi affirmed that this year the fashion trend will be of anti-fits and big sleeves. For example, something quirky yet elegant like a non-structured jacket.

Rathi expressed, “People are now looking for comfort. Hence, they want dresses that are comfortable yet beautiful and stylish.”

 Add some fragrance

On the table were laid candles in different sizes, in whites and reds. The enticing fragrance wafted through the air as a few were lit.

Valentine's Day gift ideas

As Valentine’s Day gift ideas, a seductive fragrance would certainly add that extra flavor in your bedroom. Cinzania Rodrigues’ OIA, the design studio of candles and art, included a variety of scented candles such as cinnamon, summer vanilla, coffee, spiced apple, among others. You could literally see the coffee beans embedded in coffee-fragrant candles. There was another white candle which gave away a blend of fragrances of different spices, embedded at the bottom. The cinnamon scent works as an aphrodisiac. So, you know how to keep the flame of passion burning this Valentine’s Day.

Rodrigues explained, “A flame symbolizes purity. A flame burns out all the negativity. So these fragrances help create a good energy and a nice aura. You must burn a candle preferably in an open space. However, you can always light candles to create the desired ambiance in your living room or bedroom. These fragrances work up an appetite- be it in the bedroom or dining room (laughs).”

Valentine's Day gift ideas

All the candles were made with a combination of beeswax, plain paraffin, and soft wax. Thus, they last longer.

Karan Khilnani and Chanda Patil

Celebration for singles

Elephant & Co. wants even the singles to revel in the celebration. Co-owner Karan Khilnani opined, “We are in fact celebrating an anti-Valentine evening (grins). Because we want even the singles to come and have a good time. We have curated a special menu with amazing Strawberry Tarts, Chocolate Tarts, Chocolate Cakes, and more.”





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