Acceptance of a Transgender’s Journey



I saw her – tall, wheat complexioned, beautifully colored hair flowing below her shoulder, a well-made up face, a slim well worked out body, attractively dressed, tall heels that added to her height. I held my breath for a moment. She looked mesmerizing.

I was interviewing a transgender.  Was I excited!

The interview was held at Elegante Aesthetics, arranged by the CEO Dr. Raveena Agarwal. Dr. Raveena Agarwal  is the doctor who helped Kangana the transgender transform into a ravishing woman.

With great eagerness I started the interview. It was then that I realized the emotional trauma a transgender goes through, the humiliation, the taunts, the teasing.

A transgender is someone who does not conform or identify with the gender that one is born with. You could be born a woman, but somewhere deep down along the way you feel more like a man and want to be a man. Your behavior is manly. Similarly someone born a man may feel more like a woman and desires to become a woman. He behaves more feminine than would a man.

The inner conflict can drive you insane. You could be fortunate if anyone around you understands what you are going through if you are a transgender. It becomes difficult for them to share what they feel as they have to risk social stigma, discrimination and even harassment. They also fear to be rejected by their loved ones, as this is not easy for family and friends to accept.

This feeling of being different, of not being able to affirm to the gender one is born with should not be repressed. This requires support. One must not delay in finding a qualified mental health professional. A qualified professional can offer guidance and help you be a part of peer support groups.

However, recognizing that one is a transgender and accepting it to the point of being ready to go through the gender transition to feel truly authentic is a life-saving decision.

One can recognize one is a transgender at any age. It is mostly in ones teens the impact is huge. Not always does one realize the many changes one is feeling. It can take a while for some to understand that they are unable to accept or identify with the gender they are born with.

To adopt the desired sex a transgender goes first through therapy with a mental health professional. After which one begins to use hormone therapy and undergoes medical procedures to modify the body.

Kangana, went through the process. She broke free from her cocoon. To bloom into a wholesome Kangana. To make her beautiful and soften the manly features she went to the clinic Elegante Aesthetics run by Dr. Raveena Agarwal the aesthetician.  Dr. Raveena through non invasive surgery has done a marvelous job on Kangana.

It has taken her great courage and strength to be who she wants to be. She today feels whole and complete for having accepted who she wanted to be and who she is today.

Some of the non invasive methods used to enhance one’s looks.

Botox is a neurotoxin and can be used for therapeutic purpose such as migraines, teeth grinding, bells palsy, and non-cancerous lipoma.

Facial slimming, turtle neck, skin tightening, hyperpigmentation are some of the treatments to enhance your looks.

Of course there are more. All you need to do is visit Elegante Aesthetics on East Street, Pune. 




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