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Do or die is the mantra today. Competition is strife in the market. Many think competition is a necessity to success.  Every one is out to get your business. If you lose a chunk of your business you don’t get it back. However, on the other hand there are those who are not defeated by competiton. They embrace their competitors. Competition is not about defeating the other individual its about making them stronger in the process becoming stronger. One such individual I came across is Adit Chouhan…the Marketeer who transitioned from doing engineering, to studying MBA, being successful in the traditional world of marketing, and now has embraced Digital Marketing whole heartedly the last few years.

Adit Chouhan talking on Digital Marketing to Colleges and Institutes

“I have always been a marketer ever since I did my MBA”, says Adit Chouhan.

Being an IT Advisor at KPMG, his first job after his MBA, apparently was not his cup of tea! He wanted something more extracting, exciting and closer to his heart. Marketing was his calling. His  journey began with LAQSHYA MEDIA GROUP, Mumbai

From real estate, to events, to lifestyle and then retail, Adit Chouhan has excelled in marketing every sector of the industry.

He is very sensitive about the word marketing, “When I say marketing please don’t confuse it for sales. When I say marketing I say marketing.”

Soon Digital Marketing surfaced and Traditional Marketing was on the decline. Many companies today wonder where is it they need to invest when it comes to marketing. Which of the two will be beneficial and give them a better ROI for their investment!

Adit Chouhan the Marketeer and Business man saw the boom and seized the moment! He booked himself into MICA, Ahemdabad, a well known management institute, and completed a course on Digital Marketing. It was a 4 month course and cost him 60, 000 at that time. Coughing up the amount made a dent in his pocket; however, he envisioned the eventual success he would have in doing this course.

It of course took a while for him to see some significant change in his career graph, and at times wondered if he had made the right shift. But the winner instinct in him kept him forging on. Digital Marketing was beginning to gain an edge over other methods of marketing.

Traditional Marketing such as Ads in Print, Broadcasts on tv and radio, Direct Mail, Tele Marketing, Outdoors such as bill boards etc although conventional is effective; however, technology is growing and is allowing business to connect with the audiences like never before.

The four P’s Product, Price, Place, and Promotion of marketing are used very effectively in Digital Marketing and in a unique manner than in Traditional Marketing or any other method of marketing.

Adit Chouhan who has always been a marketer at heart forsaw this. He grew strategically. Adit Chouhan began conducting trainings in Digital Marketing at colleges and corporates. Today he runs a Digital Marketing company called CLICKS Technologies which has a few other startups under its umbrella. One of them being WDC-the World Digital Conclave.

World Digital Conclave or WDC is Adit’s dream and passion. The title suggests it is global. However, he has started with WDC Sundowners, a platform where successful people in the field of Digital Marketing emerging Technologies are invited as speakers to address an audience that is as enthusiastic and willing to grow in the field.

At the WDC Sundowner with the speakers and the members

He has till date held 5 WDC Sundowners with great success, all in Pune; however will be taking this wonderful initiative to other metropolitan cities in India. I personally have been a witness to the progression. He takes joy in being able to share this world with others, and enable them to grow in this fast growing field of Marketing. Whilst doing this he is growing along with the others.

Another Successful WDC Sundowner

World Digital Conclave is the vision where he dreams of having the likes of Marck Zuckerberg and Larry Page attend and speak at the Conclave. He visualizes having this meet in every country in the world. It is important to fight for your dreams and I see Adit Chouhan do this with great perseverance and joy.

“I have always had this keeda in me”…is the statement that caught my attention. I asked him what he meant by that.

Apparently there have been other startups before CLICKS where he rose with every failure. He sold his car to help with expenses at that time. Being the man he is the parents of course were the last to know that he had not a steady job for a long time. But then he says, “You need to fail to learn.”

At CLICKS …no more a start up with Adit Chouhan

His pretty wife Prerana Chouhan and he made some firm promises of not to take loans, of not to invest in a house, or a car until they had set up a concrete business. What is the saying…behind every successful man there is a successful woman! Prerana is a successful woman herself but chose to tow the line for the man she loves.

Adit Chouhan with his lovely wife Prerana Verma Chouhan

Adit has a lot more innovative ideas in store that he is rolling out to his audience.  He already has start ups like Style my Life and Steal Deal.

Stay tuned to hear more about these startups, because they are life changing ideas.

Talking about his ventures at an Event

Adit Chouhan has been nick named as ‘the man who loves the mike’!  He started young as an anchor, and has anchored many shows at corporates and fashion shows and continues to dream to hold the mike till the end, addressing audiences on Digitial Marketing whilst he educates others on Traditional Marketing through his book MARKETING…’The Tricks of the Trade they won’t teach you at B schools.’ A must read for those who wish to understand marketing simply.

Adit Chouhan has evolved with time. He was arrogant and impatient at one point in time, like most of us are when we are in our youth.

His message to the  young entrepreneurs is, “If you are planning to start your own venture, first chalk out your finances well. Save for the next 18 months to 2 years without expecting any return.”

“Time is the best teacher. Be open to failures as it is the best stepping stone to success. Humility always pays.”

Anchoring at an Event in Dubai

Adti Chouhan speaking at different venues

Pictures taken after the WDC Sundowners.


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