Bracing up for Mirchi Queen Bee 2018

Mirchi Queen Bee 2018 contestants at the Training session with Prajakta Albuquerque.

The 16 finalists of 98.3 Radio Mirchi’s ‘Mirchi Queen Bee 2018’ have set off to make the most of this golden opportunity. All the girls looked elated as their grooming and training for the beauty pageant started.

Models prep up for 98.3 Radio Mirchi’s ‘Mirchi Queen Bee 2018’

On the morning of April 3, the lovely finalists of Mirchi Queen Bee 2018, walked in at YouthVille, in Bavdhan. Each looked graceful and confident, with their head held high. For the next few days, they have to go through the daylong training sessions. Thus, they will all be groomed to face their final challenge- Mirchi Queen Bee 2018, to be held on April 8, by 98.3 Radio Mirchi.

mirchi queen bee 2018

The day included sessions with Prajakta Albuquerque, managing director and editor at India Vocal and personality development trainer for the show, and Sandeep Dharma, the show director. All the girls seemed eager to learn from the experts.

Polishing the linguistic skills

mirchi queen bee 2018

The day started with a session on the basics of the English language with Prajakta Albuquerque. Albuquerque’s session not only was engaging but also a great boosting factor for the girls to share their drawbacks related to bringing about fluency in the language.

Before starting her session, Albuquerque asked the girls to close their eyes for a few minutes and take deep breaths. She shared with them the importance of meditating for a few minutes early morning on a daily basis. She also explained to them the importance of the pineal gland and the pituitary gland in meditation. The AUM is the sound of creation she said. The 3 fundamental sounds A U M is a marriage of 3 sounds. The vibrations produced while chanting the AUM are capable of touching all the 72,000 nadis in our body. Thus rejuvenated after chanting the AUM, the girls seemed excited to learn from the language expert. In the three-hour-long session, Albuquerque taught them about the 44 sounds in the English Language and syllable stress to correct their pronunciation.

mirchi queen bee 2018
Mirchi Queen Bee 2018 contestants meditate during the training session.

In this session, the young girls were prompt and interactive. They looked comfortable to ask any doubts they had related to the language. Albuquerque was seen personally paying attention to every girl to know exactly what they needed to work on.

Preparing for a graceful walk

The second half of the day was action-packed, for the girls took their first lessons in the catwalk. Show director Sandeep Dharma, director of Sandeep Dharma’s Runway House, trained the contestants on the ramp walk.

Dharma admitted that Albuquerque’s session in the morning had already half prepared the girls, who had come in raw and unclear about the nuances of the fashion world. He started his session with confidence building. He shared with the girls the importance of following healthy eating habits in their daily routine. He points out that the youth these days do not take care of following good habits in their daily life.

Dharma suggests that it’s a good habit to start the day having a glass of hot water mixed with lemon and honey. This helps clear all the acids in your stomach. He states that this helps overcome skin problems, hair fall, dark circles, and other health issues.

In his session on the runway walk, the girls were instructed about fashion walk, poise, and posing holds on the stage. The girls were even prepared to face the camera, to learn to maintain eye contact, among other essential aspects. His session lasted for about five hours, but the girls still looked fresh and willing to learn more.

Dharma says, “By now we are 70 percent ready with the girls on their walk. My first round for the grand finale will be ready by the day after. We wanted to go a little easy since it’s their first day. We want them to learn, have fun staying here, and enjoy every moment.”



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