Breathe Well – a simple yet effective cure to Asthma


Prana, or ‘Life Force’ is a Sanskrit word, as translated in Yoga very often. Yoga is an ancient culture that is known to bring a union of the body and mind. The first requisite of yoga is to breathe well.

You are every day breathing in Prana- the Life Force. This breath is connected to Neuro Physiology. The pattern by which we breathe controls the mind – our thought process.

There are multiple patterns in breathing to help you lead a life of quality.

Our body is energized when we breathe properly.


Prana is the oxygen that you breathe. Oxygen is necessary for the rejuvenation of each cell in our body. The cells use the oxygen we breathe to get energy from the food we eat. The process is called ‘Cellular Respiration’. During this process, the oxygen we breathe is used to break down sugar. Breaking down sugar produces energy in your body. Cellular Respiration helps to power muscles including the involuntary muscle the Heart! This process energizes the body.

Multiple reasons why we need to breathe well!

Why am writing all of this?

The right kind of breathing can help you with your Asthma.


Asthma is a disease of the airways. The Bronchial tubes are inflamed and become narrow making breathing difficult. The air does not flow easily.

Coughing, Wheezing, Shortness of breath are the main symptoms.

Can you imagine how troubled the body and mind will be when the body does not receive properly the oxygen it requires?

Allergic Asthma

We also have Allergic Asthma caused due to gases, perfumes, pollen, and dust.

Air pollution is at its highest in Pune – 70.16 percent and in Delhi, it is 88.43 percent.

The Bronchial Tubes swell because of the viruses. The same viruses that cause colds can cause Bronchitis and Allergic Asthma. As the body fights viruses swelling in the tubes occur and mucus is formed.

Improving the Immune System

We need to improve our immune system. We need to breathe well! Taking in enough of oxygen is the only way.

Deep Breathing does help. If you do feel you are coming up with an attack

  • Sit upright and leave all that you are doing
  • Breathe in long and deep
  • It will help slow your breathing down and prevent hyperventilation.


Dr. Swati Maheshwari makes it her mission to bring to the masses the simple methods one can use to help control Asthma.







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