BUDH…Empowering Women!


A 17 minute impact! And I say that because right from the first frame, the following 17 minutes had me gripped! Storytelling is an emotional, meaningful experience. One which gets way more difficult when a myriad of human sentiments have to be condensed into mere minutes without losing its essence. The first two times I saw it, I cried. The third time, I analyzed! BUDH the movie!

BUDH …the awakening…to an era that speaks of equality.

We all collected at the Sound Factor on MG road, a place with beautiful interiors, where you can go to book your home theater. It was a Sunday, and Milind the owner was gracious enough on a last minute intimation to get his staff to work on a Sunday. This speaks of great leadership skills!

Watching the movie at Sound Factor Theater
Mohan Birje, Priya, Prajakta Albuquerque, Ashwini Surwase, Prashant’s sisters Namrata Ingole and Shilpa Ingole Birje and Swapnil Tewari at the Sound Factor.

We were a few who had collected to watch the movie BUDH; written and produced by Prashant Ingole, a man who has spun magic in everything that he has done, whether it be a song he wrote for Bajirao Mastani…‘Malhari’, ‘Party on my Mind’ from Race 2, ‘Ziddi Dil’ from Mary kom and now 3 times international award winning movie BUDH.

Prashant Ingole

The movie makes you realize that the scream for women empowerment is felt in every strata of society, and with every generation of women.

Woman Empowerment, like any other word today, is used at times with a purpose, sometimes mindlessly, irresponsibly and sometimes to stay trendy. In the recent times along with feminism, women empowerment too has taken the shape of an alter ego. What are we women seeking for when we fight to be empowered? What started as fighting for rights, finding a place in society; in homes; in relationships to belong, and to break free from oppression has now thanks to endless efforts reached some phenomenal results.  Yet, the phenomenon exists! Suppression of women!

This challenging issue keeps me wondering and questioning myself all along.

Are we not empowered by the fact that we as women bring to earth the most beautiful form of a living being …a child. Imagine the miraculous process of carrying a child in the womb for nine months…during which time the child undergoes a lot of processes that are completely dependent on the environment the mother is subjected to as this will determine the state of the mind of the mother. This in turn affects the child. Are we conscious of this? It’s sad that despite the extraordinary contributions and winning outcomes, there are pockets which still focus on whether the child is going to be a girl or a boy, and not on the intent above.

I may be digressing a bit here; however, I feel the need to state this. We are a god fearing nation. Ardhnareshwari is the term given to Lord Shiva who has been in many pictures depicted as half man half woman. His left side depicts Mother Parvati, and is called ‘Parvati Vama Bhagam’ in Sanskrit. Parvati is the goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage, children, and devotion; as well as of divine strength and power. It is the balance of the male and female that makes one complete.  Yet we women find ourselves yearning for respect, that which has organically been given to us.

Somewhere along the line we women found ourselves helpless, suppressed in many pockets of the nation in-spite of us women having equal rights in the Vedic Era. A wonderful example of her empowerment was the Swayamwara; the permission to choose her own spouse.

What changed then? Our thoughts changed, became convoluted. We women became our worst enemies in believing that man was the more powerful being.

The picture BUDH says SOCH KO KUCHAL DO!

What is that soch that needs to be destroyed! What is that which will awaken us all, both men and women!

There were moments when I could relate to some of the scenes.  It is a movie that makes you aware in those 17 minutes what we as women need to change. Those 17 minutes reinforce the power we have to influence minds if we learn to channelize them well.

Prashant Ingole has captured this long yearning of women to empower themselves. He also makes you aware that it is not just us women who need to change their thought process… the men are equally responsible!

A wake-up call for men to continue help supporting women. The ego has never helped any one win anything, or any situation in life. It only destroys.

A humble plea that men should now take the trouble to understand their woman. A woman needn’t be the only understanding partner in a relationship.

Wanting only a male child to be born would have its disadvantages in the long run. The ratio of man to woman needs to be a balanced one.

Let’s relive the fact that both men and women are born equal. Ardhanareshwari. Even the sciences state that we all have male and female hormones. And we need them in balance!

Life is togetherness. Life is love. Life is respect. Life is giving and sharing and nurturing. Life is compassion. We have forgotten what it means to be compassionate. It is a word long forgotten!

Prashant Ingole the man with a very compassionate heart. At the Sound Factor.

Prashant’s thoughts are magical, and the movie life transforming!

I would suggest that every man and woman see this movie as it is a life changer. I am not in a situation to describe the movie further as it is still travelling the world winning awards in every country it has been viewed. The movie has won 3 international awards…and in all categories. It has been nominated 5 times and has been Officially selected in 12 International Film Festivals. And yes I am sure another few months we will hear more about the success of this story. Although it has been only a year that the movie has been made it has received much acclaim.

The evening ended very pleasantly where we sat and chatted; discussed the movie and several other social issues. There was a definite air of camaraderie among us all…men and women.




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