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Friday, December 4, 2020
nail art

Pompy’s Nail Art and More

Debarati, or popularly known as Pompy is a striking young lady who always had stars in her eyes and dreams beyond the clouds. She was...

The Proof is in Eating the Pudding

How can a Christmas dinner end without a Christmas Pudding? A traditional dessert in the UK, Ireland and a few other countries that have British...

Talk of the ‘Gown’

Feast Your Eyes If red carpet is like a complete meal for the tinsel designers, we have gingerly picked up some mannerisms that you would...

A horse, a horse… My kingdom for horse

There are many sayings attributed to horses which signify the value of a horse to mankind. This majestic animal, which is poetry in motion...
comfort of your home

In the comfort of your Home

7 HOME DÉCOR TRENDS TO COPY Dek: Mumbai’s creative duo Shivani Ajmera and Disha Bhavsar from Quirk Studio share the trendiest of décor tips to...

Violin that sings and heals

Let's take a peek into Maestro Kala Ramnath's 'singing violin', fond memories of her grandfather, and more. The pleasant winter evening turns enchanting as the...

Beyond Skin Deep

Endorsing the natural idea of beauty, Bharati Malani, founder, and owner of Waterline Cosmetics is on a mission to heal and beautify skin, hair, and...

7 Awesome Places to Take a Brake without Fail

Biking is not just the wheel throttling or racing league, it has chosen novel routes for its survival. The thing that changed the face...