De-stress and Rejuvenate at Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar

Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar

Feeling exhausted and energy drained? Body tired? The mind stressed has reached a saturation point? “I can’t think straight!”  All of this can get in the way of your health. “Need a break desperately!” “Let us go to a spa!”  “But where?” Day spas are many across the city of Pune. However, there is one nestled in the healing energy of tranquility and calmness that surrounds, at none other than the Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar.

The spa at the Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar is a novel concept offering a variety of wellness spa therapies to heal the body, mind, and soul. Spiritual Therapies healing you at the deepest core level, good for the soul. Ayurveda Therapies using ancient holistic healing traditions healing the mind and body and senses, rechanneling your energy. Both therapies leaving you re-energized. Western therapies that work on the body extensively leaving you relaxed and revjuevenated.

Abhinav Garg

The manager of the spa at the Hyatt Pune, Kalyani  Nagar, Abhinav Garg was gracious enough to take me to this spa with a difference that will leave you feeling truly refreshed.

As we crossed the lounge, the passage, the swimming pool, the gym and sauna I wondered where was I going?

Only to be surprised, to be taken to this hideout amidst a breathtaking landscape that overlooked the vast expanse of the army ground. The scenic beauty was something I was not expecting. There in the open environment was a single canopy bed with its satin drapes that set the perfect tone for an individual looking to relax in the open air with his/her privacy maintained. One may think that the property being situated close to the highway and the spa being in the open air it may cause disturbances; however, all I experienced was peace and quiet.

What is it that makes it even more different?

“The range of therapies/massages”, said Abhinav. Spiritual Therapies, Ayurveda therapies, and Western Therapies are offered.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy where firm pressure and slow strokes are used to reach deeper layers of the muscle and tissue. It’s used for chronic aches and pain.
Swedish Massage which goes beyond relaxation. The muscles are rubbed with long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. It helps reduce the toxins in the muscles while increasing the oxygen level in the blood. It helps in blood circulation.
Aroma Therapy massage where massage oil or lotion that contains essential oils is used. The skin absorbs the essentials and simultaneously one is inhaling the essentials made for different properties. It is a Swedish massage therapy that works on the mind and body affecting the limbic system thus influencing the nervous system.
Balinese Massage is a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen.
Hot Stone therapy massages promote deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body
Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar
The Stone Therapy
Scrub Therapy is the exfoliation of dull or lifeless skin with a natural abrasive material, such as sea salt or sugar mixed with oil or cream and some aromatic oil. It leaves the skin feeling moist and smooth with a glow.
Abhyangam is a masterpiece from Kerala. It is a massage given with herbal oils by 2 therapists in a synchronized manner. The therapy is meant to prevent aging and degeneration. This massage therapy increases blood circulation and helps in anxiety fatigue and circulatory disorders. The steam allows the medicated oils to seep into the body
Shirodhara is a massage therapy where the liquid is poured over the forehead. The liquid can be oil, milk, butter milk, coconut water, or even plain water. Mostly oil is used. This massage is used to cure eye diseases, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, greying of hair, neurological disorders and a few more. Shiro is the head and dhara is the flow.
Kadi Vasti is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment. It works on lower backache aches and disorders of lumbosacral region, including slip disc, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal problems etc. It is a safe treatment.
Reike is a spiritually guided life force energy that is used in healing another. Mantras and laying of hands are used to clear the energy in the body to increase the life force. It helps in clearing the emotional and mental issues.
The bells used for spiritual practice

“Western therapy relaxes your body your muscles tissues. Spiritual healing is to balance your mind and the positive energy channels. And nerve endings. In Ayurveda and Western therapies there is more of the physical touch and oil. In spiritual there is more of positive energy channels, chanting mantras and using mudras. Physical is only 10 to 15 %. It is to balance your soul and mind. We have a lot of negative thoughts and negative feelings around so the idea is to get rid of your thoughts and feelings and get you in a stable position.” said Abhinav the manager at the Spa at Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar.

Being deeply spiritual I needed an appropriate answer to the question I was to ask.

All of us have energy centers, some positive some negative. Whilst working with another’s energy to help him/her rejuvenate is there not a possibility of absorbing the negative energy of the person you are trying to help?

“The spiritual treatment is not given by all. We are going thru the same thing you are going thru. We have a special person who takes these sessions Dr. Kedar. He is an Ayurvedic doctor as well as a trained spiritual healer. He has done his training from Ananda in the Himalayas. He has been with us for 5 years. Whenever he conducts these spiritual treatments he needs to balance his energy as well. It is believed that when we treat someone through a spiritual channel whatever impurities are there it gets transferred to you. The healer needs to balance his energy from time to time via different ways… yoga or meditation.”

Feeling satisfied with the answer I pose the next question.

Are these spas, since they are in a 5 Star Hotel, expensive or within the range where most people can afford it?

Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar
The bed used for Ayurveda Therapy

“It is in the range where people can afford these therapies. Middle-class, business people, all come to us. More than the money it is about the requirement. People are engrossed in their work life and are not able to take care of their body. So we have people who come to us and say ‘we have been working all day six days in a week’. ‘We need some time for us, time to relax, time to rejuvenate, so we can go back feeling energized’. People now want to relax. Focus on health.”

How is this open space spa going to help you? Does it have any purpose/significance because of which you decided to have an open space spa?

“It is not just a marketing strategy. There is a concept behind this. Normally when we go to a spa we get our spa done within a closed room, where there is dim lighting, air-conditioning, no fresh air circulation. You enter the room, get a massage done, sleep for an hour and you feel relaxed. Our idea is we want to become eco- friendly. A spa is where we talk about positive energy and health, fresh and pure air, sunlight which is rich in vitamin D.… when you are getting a treatment in an enclosed room there is every possibility that not so very healthy energy is still retained in the room. It does not have an exit. We want to expose you to energy that is healthy and free of any negativity.  So when you are in an open space there is the release of the energy that is not so healthy.”

Tell me why do you have a single table in the area. Is it space that has limited you?

Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar
The Open Space Spa

“It is not the limitation of space. We cannot keep it open as for some people getting a massage in an open area may not be very comfortable. So we thought of having just a bed to maintain privacy. If you look at the bed it is surrounded by white drapes to actually let the sunlight stream in. We wish to give the area around the inside of the bed more air and light for a healthier atmosphere. When undergoing the treatment you can feel intermittently the cool breeze caressing the skin leaving you feeling warm and peaceful.”

As all of this was being spoken of my eyes fell on those black stones in varied sizes, placed in a large bowl of water. Abhinav may have seen the quizzical expression on my face, cause he began to explain.

Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar

Clearly, the stones are ballistic stones that have the property of extracting the negative energy from you leaving you feeling energized. So before the massage ritual begins this is a special foot ritual that every customer is offered, the first step to your massage. It washes the dust and dirt that has collected on the feet.

My eyes fall on the bed that is used in Ayurveda for the therapies. The bed is made of a single piece of wood, no joint seen. In Ayurveda, joints are not permitted.

Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar

At the top of the bed is a bowl that is carved where the oil used during the massage is collected. In abhyangam …a basic ayurvedic massage a stream of oil flows continuously for 60 minutes on your forehead, and after every 7 to 8 seconds a swing of the oil given permits the oil to flow on your third eye so that the chakra is balanced. It is good for people who have migraine issues, paralysis, and insomnia. The oil that is preserved is used thrice at the three sessions, on the same individual if he or she is taking a proper treatment.  The oil is bottled and labeled with the individual’s name. However, ff it is a one- time session the oil is then throw away.

The bells are used for spiritual treatments. It is rung softly near your ears and a mantra is chanted to take away any negative thought that may be prevailing at that moment. The individual should become aware that he is now there in the moment for a spiritual treatment. The sound travels all the way to the mind. It awakens you at that moment.

Abhinav Garg the spa manager is a trained therapist. He has done a full course at the Ananda Ashram in Hrishikesh, so has Dr. Kedar. The entire team has been well trained. You are in the hands of the best.

So no more do you need to take a flight to Bali or the hidden resorts for your respite, you have one close at home…the spa at the Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar.






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