Dr. Shilpa Nalge


Fears we hold are large enough to deal with. And then there are those projected onto us by family and loved ones. Dealing with those become even more difficult as we know they come from a good place of care and protectiveness but they also create immense pressure. To stand up for what’s right amidst such situations requires great courage, belief in self and the cause we stand up for and also requires a support system which can come from just about anywhere however goes a long way. For Dr. Shipa Nalge,a dentist dealing with this very dilemma when Covid hit, found her support in her husband who is also a doctor, a Pediatrician.

Dr. Shilpa Nagle at work

He understood her need to work for the affected, to choose the true reason behind their profession – helping and healing, above the nasty effects of the disease they may have to face.

Like all others who have fought Corona the start was a clueless one even for Dr. Shilpa Nalge. No guidelines as no one knew. How does one prevent? How does one cure?

Dr. Shilpa Nagle

What started off as only emergency consultations on video call, slowly moved to working in the field; working with PPE kits was no easy task, sweating and uncomfortable but trying to reach that last tooth as even stretching was such a task while wearing all that gear. But the satisfaction at the end of it to see the patient freed of pain was enough to keep her motivated.

Even the risk of dentistry being even more critical given that it is the practice of the same organs that provide maximum risk of the infection was no more a topic of concern.

Dr.Shipla Nalge now continues to provide the same health care with a happy and positive mind and heart.






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