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India Vocal in conversation with Dr. Deepika Shetty, a well-groomed, soft-spoken lady, on the field she has chosen to work in.

A strong passion for beauty and skin, as well as a deeply ingrained sense of ethics, is what has driven Dr. Deepika Shetty, Dermato-cosmetologist, to create this unique profile as a dermo-cosmetologist. She is professionally qualified, with an MBBS from Kasturba Medical College, one of the oldest colleges in the Manipal Group, in Mangalore, and Dermo cosmetology from the United Kingdom. She has established herself as a consulting expert in her field. Dr. Deepika Shetty has also graduated in skin consultancy from INHS Asvini, the largest Indian military hospital, located in Mumbai.

Added Qualification

Special qualification in hair transplant, trained by Dr. Vasa. A fellowship in occupational dermatology and dermato-surgery from Singapore. It is this education and background of medical knowledge, coupled with her passion to genuinely create a difference in the field of medical skincare, truly makes her the personification of the Hippocrates oath.

A People’s Person

Through the time that she has spent gaining experience, Dr. Shetty has felt that technology has taken on a too-prominent role in a field that is essentially about people. She has always believed that to be a cosmetologist meant that one should be in touch with people from all walks of life. It is this belief that helps her maintain her integrity toward her profession, drives Dr. Shetty to step beyond the four walls of a hospital and share her knowledge with the world.

The Right to Look Good

Moreover, it is her positive and go-getter attitude that forms a strong foundation for her outlook that it is not only the privileged who have the right to look their best, but people from any walk of life should at least have the opportunity to know that they can look their best.

A World Class Consultant

She is well traveled. Has worked in the global circuit for a few years in which time she has interacted with diplomats the world over. She has also done her marketing from Wellingkar Mumbai.  This aided in broadening her scope to apply her medical experience to other areas. She also acts as a functioning medical consultant for pharmaceutical companies.  One of the more prominent ones being Franco Indian Pharmaceuticals, and works in tandem with the world of medicine and beauty. All these experiences make her skill a world-class consultant, while also being well grounded in the values of Indian culture.

A Trainer at Heart

Dr. Deepika Shetty has always believed in functioning beyond her comfort zone. Ever active in her quest for knowledge, her passion has driven her to go beyond the usually defined realms of her profession. She actively conducts training and awareness programs for airline stewardesses, the general public, children, housewives, teachers and corporate employees. Through her programs enlightens her audience about the mantras for beautiful skin. Also shares her experiences that have led her to believe that looking good should be complemented by feeling good.

Keeping Abreast

Her profession notwithstanding, she believes that a derma-cosmetologist is a guide to her clientele.  To be able to build that confidence in them, she believes in keeping herself well educated with regard to the latest breakthroughs in her field. Well read on the industry, its techniques, and technology, she also decided to share her knowledge with the masses through her writing. This inspired Dr. Deepika Shetty to take up writing and is now the Managing Editor of Wellbeing Magazine.

The Undying Positive Attitude

Dr. Deepika Shetty truly is a class apart in the medical world.  It is her positive and never-say-die attitude that has led her to her success. Her thirst for knowledge, the ambition and the will to challenge and surpass herself with every given assignment makes her a force to reckon with. One can rest assured that with such a vast experience and sound knowledge, one is in safe hands.

dr deepika shetty



“People are already beautiful all I do is to retain and enhance their beauty.”



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An Egyptian quote says:

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.”

However, today much is done to attain perfection in looks, so that one should be seen as beautiful.

What is this sudden need that has arisen?

The sudden need to be presentable and good is because of the extent the beauty and cosmetic industry has evolved… peer pressure as well as the awareness one gets and sees in the digital world…

A lot of your patients have wonderful things to say about you. You listen well, you are soft-spoken. This is an attractive quality. How do you maintain your equipoise throughout a busy day?

I maintain my calmness because I am among lovely clients. Secondly, I am passionate about my work and it’s a feeling of tranquility.

Was it always your dream to make others look beautiful?

People are already beautiful all I do is help them retain and enhance their beauty

We hear that a lot of actresses and budding stars come to you for treatments?

My dream was to be among people reach the society and help…and this field did it for me in a perfect way.Yes, I do have people from the industry.

They say if you stop taking ‘botox’ after taking it for a while the skin starts sagging. Is it so?

Once you stop botox your skin doesn’t sag if you don’t repeat…your skin will actually be the way it is aging.

Could these treatments be made cheaper, and accessible to the masses?

Advise can be made available to the masses as well as the awareness…as my charges aren’t steep I have people from all walks of life…I don’t compromise on quality.

What can you tell us about the treatments that you offer, and of course some of the latest treatments in the market?

I have a wide range of treatments at my clinic, and the latest in my basket is stretch mark treatment and ThermiRf for skin tightening.


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