Exhibition Avahan showcasing the World’s Largest Painting inaugurated by Manasi Kirloskar


 Avahan …it dawned on me that Sandeep Sinha the Pune based brilliant artist known for his abstract paintings had named his exhibition with great thought and wisdom. Avahan relates to the Saraswati Avahan a puja performed at Navrati invoking the blessings of the Goddess Saraswati.

The exhibition Avahan was held soon after Dusserah, perfect timing to support the name.

Avahan was inaugurated by none other than Manasi Kirloskar the painter artist who graduated at the Rhode Island School of Design. Manasi Kirloskar is the Executive Director & CEO of Kirloskar Systems Ltd. and CEO & Trustee of Caring with Colour, her social impact startup for ‘Education through Art’ to lesser privileged children. Manasai Kirloskar is also a Deep Sea Diver, Mountaineer, Traveller and Writer.

Sandeep Sinha and Manasi Kirloskar

Sandeep Sinha an IT professional at Tech Mahindra who is a self taught artist held his solo exhibition of paintings, “Avahan – Awakening the Goddess within”, on 25th & 26th October 2018, at Raja Ravi Verma Art Gallery.

It was a 2 day exhibition showcasing the World’s largest professional oil painting.

The painting measured 556 sqft and is an attempt to create a world record as the “World’s largest professional oil painting”, with an aim to bring glory and honor to the nation.

The 556 sq ft painnting of the Himalayan Range in the Background

Sandeep is all set to break the earlier record set in 2017 by Gurmej Singh, in Michigan USA, of an oil painting of 250 sqft.

Sandeep Sinha the internationally acclaimed artist took two and half months to complete the painting. As per the world record rules, the painting should be only a single scene. He rightly chose the mighty Himalayan Range of mountains as his theme for the painting wanting to exhibit the grandeur of the range.

The compassionate heart dedicated this painting to the acid attack survivors. He said that ‘as the Himalayas stand erect against all the odds, so do the acid attack survivors.’

Sandeep and Manasi with his miniature painting

  Sandeep displayed a  few of his abstract art works at the exhibition. In his words,  “I didn’t really choose this art form, but the art form actually chose me. I simply enjoy abstract art as it has a deep connection to my meditation practice. More significantly, this art form pours out my ongoing thought process. It made me realize the importance of being aware and conscious about various modes of thinking. I strongly feel it completes me as a human being”, smiles Sandeep.

In 2015 Sandeep had amazed the world with his much appreciated miniature painting in 2015.








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