Finding your way into ‘Nothingness’… The Shoonyam Quotient

mickey mehta

“Man has a Centre, but he lives off it- off the Centre. That creates an inner tension, a constant turmoil, anguish. You are not where you should be, you are not at your right balance. You are off balance, and this being off balance, off Centre is the base of all mental tensions.”  OSHO – the book of Secrets!

The Paranoid Humanoid

The paranoid humanoid is the coinage Dr. Mickey Mehta has used to describe us- today’s homo-sapiens. And it is justified. We wake up alarmed! To the ring of an alarm.

We rush through our breakfast, bite into a sandwich with thoughts looming large… About the next venture at work, catching the next bus or train, or ‘how do I handle this tyrant of a boss? Oh! I have got to drop my kids at school; they are getting late and so am I!’ The paranoid humanoid. Yet seeking for some peace in his life!

Peace to be sought.

How do you do that?

The Shoonyam Quotient! What is that?

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s The Shoonyam Quotient simplifies the path for us to attain an equilibrium in our lives. It is a book that guides us on how to remain ‘centered’ through the cacophony of life… Which is not the sounds of vibrations that are constant, but the noise of the cars, the marketplace, the corporate houses, the loud voices of incessant chatter… The sounds that are shaping our lives today.

The Shoonyam Quotient paves the path for us to experience peace and bliss, whilst still living in the world we belong to.

One of the simplest methods is to become aware through your breathing… that breathes the prana. Chapter 7 focuses on breathing. Breathing vis-à-vis Aware-Halation!

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Yogic Food: To let you know there is something called the yogic food. Our ancient scriptures have divided food into three categories- tamasic, rajasic, and sattvic.

Chapter 9 talks about the kinds of food to eat to increase one’s longevity, intelligence, strength, comfort, and affection. In short… Food vis-à-vis Nutrition!

“Our reality is space, the reality of space is emptiness, the reality of emptiness is infinity, the reality of infinity is wholeness, the reality of wholeness is oneness and the reality of this absolute oneness is Shoonyam, as it is perfectly in the Centre of awareness.” An excerpt from the Chapter Reality and Illusion.

Become centered

To become aware, to become ‘centered’ is the journey of our lives. To melt into the ‘Shoonyam’… a state of ‘Nothingness’. A blissful and peaceful state, where you learn to let go, where you learn to forgive and forget, where you learn to live in the now!

A must read! The Shoonyam Quotient! By Dr. Mickey Mehta.

The unveiling of the book was held at Crossword, Aundh on November 30. In an interactive session with the audience Dr. Mickey Mehta, Kshitji Negi, and Viraf Patel discussed the book extensively.



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