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eyelash extensions
Eyelash Extension treatment [Photos by Jignesh Mistry]

Eyelash Extensions!

eyelash extensions
Debarati Ghosh at her Studio

It can’t get better than this. How many of us long for long lustrous eyelashes? We use layers of mascara that may run if not waterproof to make the eyes look dramatic. Oils are applied every night in the hope of seeing a miraculous growth! Only to be disappointed.


eyelash extensions


Here is a novel invention! An aesthetic procedure is done on your eyelashes. No pain only gain! Out you are with eyelashes that are as long or even longer than a centimeter. And boy oh boy do they make your eyes and you look divine.


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No more mascara, no more thick eyeliners… just eyelashes.

There is a variety of these extensions; come experience it.

  • Individual Extensions
  • Fillers
  • Volume Lashes

Trained professionals perform the procedure.

It gives you and your eyes the glamour quotient you seek for.

Let your eyes do all the talking.



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