Holi – A celebration of Colors


Holi-a festival that is celebrated with colors; however, has a deeper significance to it.

2nd February 2018 was a day when all added color to their lives at Westin. It was Holi.

Fire can Create.  Fire can Transform. Fire can Destroy.

Fire has a lot of significance, and mind you in all cultures world over.

Greek philosophy classifies fire as Passion and Power.

The Philosophy of Fire

Heraclitus the Greek philosopher felt fire is connected closely to our souls. That our soul consists of both fire and water. Hence the eternal quest of purifying our souls reaching enlightenment.

According to the Far Eastern Philosophy, fire manifests in its physical form as our metabolism and mentally translates into personal drive intention and desire.


Agni is the Hindu Vedic deity. It symbolizes the sun, fire, and lightning. Agni acts as a messenger between earth and heaven and stays forever young due to the relighting of the fire every day.

In the Hindu mythology, fire destroys evil. A day prior to Holi when all play with color a pyre is burnt signifying the destruction of evil. Holika the sister of the demon King Hiranyakashap had to kill his son Prahlad as he was a big follower of Lord Narayana. However, Prahlad was saved and Holika was consumed by the fire. Holi symbolizes the Triumph of Good over Evil.

The pot of barley kept under the pyre is taken home and consumed by people. Predictions for the future are made depending on the direction of the flames. The ashes and smoldering fragments of wood are taken home as it is considered auspicious. Also, the belief that it will protect them from illness is very strong. Hence Holi is actually a Holy day.

Expats enjoy the Bollywood music at Westin, Pune [Photos by Jignesh Mistry]

At the Westin

Radio Mirchi and Rosary Schools and Colleges along with Trustford Events decided to continue the spirit of Holi by spreading joy and mirth among the people of Pune on the day of colors.


Holi the celebration of colors was at its peak when I entered Westin. It was almost like a stampede! However, must say it was well organized. The security did their job to perfection. They saw to it that there was a certain amount of discipline maintained. The crowd was checked thoroughly at the entrance. There was joy and merriment amidst the rainwater dance and splashing of colors on one another. You had the young and the old participating wholeheartedly in the dance.

[L-R] Dj Abhishek Mantri and Dj Misy K, enthralled the crowd at the venue.
Dj Akhil Talreja
Dj D-Rain

The Djs

The 4 Djs namely Dj Abhishek Mantri, Dj Akhil Talreja, Dj Misy k and D-Rain were doing an excellent job of pumping enthusiasm in all by playing vibrant music of all genres. The mixing of songs was so appropriate that there was not a moment of ‘Oh my god! Can they change the music?’ Every second saw all dancing to every beat that was played. The spirit of Holi was infectious.

Watch the Video

Food and drink flowed. There was Bruchetta, Paneer Chilli, Spring Rolls and Pan Fried Dim Sum. And as every morsel went down the gullet the staff kept replenishing the dishes the moment they saw it was hitting rock bottom. Hospitality by the Westin Staff was at its best. Even in the sweltering heat, they managed to maintain the core temperature of the beverages. What a relief to sip at something cool after having exhausted yourself while dancing impulsively to freestyle, creating moves to the rhythm of the music.

Watch the video

As the day progressed more folks came by. It was late noon when I left. It was packed by then. That is how rocking the afternoon was!



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