In the comfort of your Home

comfort of your home


Dek: Mumbai’s creative duo Shivani Ajmera and Disha Bhavsar from Quirk Studio share the trendiest of décor tips to help spruce up your spaces. By Risha Merchant: In the comfort of your Home

  1. Statement tiles is a wonderful way to improve your kitchen

comfort of your home

While designing your kitchen, don’t feel obligated to stick to conventional, plain, muted tiles for the floor. Instead, statement floor tiles can add an understated punch and also is a more dramatic way to add impact, than a bold eye-level backsplash. One can opt for a blend of patterns that come in both, bright and neutral color palettes, from geometric to 3-dimensional illusionary to gridded to quilt-like patterns.

  1. All your bed needs is a dramatic touch

comfort of your home

Upholstered headboards are now, all the rage this year. They can make a simple master bedroom come alive with their bold, statement like appeal. They are so versatile and can fit and flare as well as add glamour to any bedroom. Whether you opt for a classic Chesterfield style with buttons in a muted tone or plush velvet one in a bold hue, these headboards come in a variety of styles for you to choose from. They immediately offer a feeling of richness and grandeur to any bedroom.

  1. Go bold and choose furniture in vibrant patterns and tones

comfort of your home

Pastel shades are now passé and jewel tones like emerald greens, sapphire blues, and amethyst purples are in. These colors pair well and look fresh when combined with greys, blacks, and white, thus adding that sophisticated edge. Bold patterns in velvets or suede just elevate a piece of furniture by giving it a plush look and feel.

  1. Highlight your space with brass accessories

comfort of your home

Brass is the new copper. It not only has a warm hue but also matches well with all colors whether it’s the trending dark and desaturated colors in furniture as well as materials like marble, terrazzo or even concrete. Brass pairs beautifully with all such materials and colors and also adds a subtle shiny appeal. However, too much of it can look excessive therefore make sure you use it in a balanced way.


  1. Play it smart with faux finishes

comfort of your home

Homeowners and designers are turning to faux materials as a more budget-friendly alternative to authentic materials. Whether it is wood ceiling beams, engineered hardwood flooring, marble, faux leather, stone flooring or even faux foliage. The list to getting good quality alternative materials is long and extremely helpful when on tight budgets and even shorter timelines.

  1. Give your space a natural touch

comfort of your home

The natural look is in, and Terracotta is making a comeback in a big way. From tiles and pots to wall cladding, this material adds a natural and earthy feel to any space. Pair it with white and some plants and be assured to have a warm and cozy space.

  1. Tropical green everything is truly a trend to copy

comfort of your home

Pantone truly predicted green as the color of 2017, whether its lime green to emerald, the shade has been a favorite this season. And how can we forget all the tropical palm tree patterns that have donned so many walls? These prints through wallpaper have added a touch of fun but also the freshness of any room.






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