Is your Karma dependent on your Thoughts?

good thoughts
Sister Shivani at FICCI flo Pune event at Nehru Memorial Hall [Photos by Jignesh Mistry]

In a world that is riddled with competition, people joining the rat race, the mind finds it difficult to be stable. Competition does not allow you to think good thoughts. The competitive spirit rules the mind.

Think good thoughts-it leads to good karma.

The 2nd of Feb a Friday, at Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Hall, there was a throng waiting for Sister Shivani. Women in large numbers were present. There were men and children also. It was a discourse organized by FICCI FLO, an organization that diligently works towards empowering women.

The FICCI Flo committee was at the entrance to welcome her; to name a few Varsha Talera, Varsha Chordia, Sangeeta Lalwani, Sabina Sanghvi, Shama Deo, Anita Sanas, Harsha Kauser, and Sujata Sabnis. All were very excited to receive her.

good thoughts
[L-R] Shama Deo, Sharvari Parasnis, Anita Sanas, Sangeeta Lalwani, Sister Shivani, Varsha Chordia, Varsha Talera, Sangeeta Sanghvi, Harsha Kauser
I was to be given 5 min to speak with Sister Shivani.  However, due to extreme time constraints as there were also others who needed to speak to her I got barely 27 seconds with her.

They were precious. She encompassed life in those few seconds.

I had listened to her on youtube. Every discourse focused on energy and karma.

I asked her …A thought is energy, and so how responsible is good thoughts towards a good karmic cycle?

good thoughts


“Thought is energy, feeling is energy, a word is energy, action/behavior is energy. All four create karma thus creating a karmic cycle and that becomes our destiny.”


The whole session focused on our action…how do we behave with one another and towards another?

This action of ours has its base in our thoughts. Good thoughts lead to good feelings. Good feelings lead to good thoughts. Feelings and thoughts are intertwined. Good thoughts lead to good actions. Good thoughts lead to good speech. Good thoughts lead to good karma.

In Sister Shivani’s words:  “The mind is our baby. Teach it the right way to think.”

good thoughts

Sister Shivani simplified the spiritual world for us. Through everyday examples she made us understand how one can behave more positively thus creating positive energy around us. This positive energy has to result in a positive karmic cycle.

“When a telephone rings do we get disturbed?”, She asked.

No need to even state what the response was.

Imagine this disturbed mind and what kind of an action it would produce.

And if we are disturbed by another’s telephone ringing would not the others be disturbed by the ring of our phone?

Something to think about yes?

Many a time in the audience whilst she is speaking to the audience right in the first-row people are busy on their phones.

Analyze the situation!

No expectation and acceptance of oneself and of another will automatically generate good thoughts.

good thoughts

Our expectation is that the phone should be on the silent mode. If not, we are disturbed.

“Can we not get disturbed keeping our emotional balance whilst the phone rings?” was another question Sister Shivani asked the audience.

It Is our expectation of things that cause a turmoil in our lives.

We need to learn to accept one another for the way he or she is. We want to change the world. Why not first start changing ourselves?

good thoughts

“Tell yourself I accept others for the way they are.”

“It is the differences in our value system our belief system that creates the problem. Our Sanskaar should not become the cause for a problem between persons. If a person is different in his/her ways from you and your ways; accept them for who they are.”

Our value system, our belief system is instilled in childhood. Over a period of time, it becomes the subconscious mind. We unknowingly behave in a manner that is actually prompted by the subconscious mind creating differences in behavior.

Parenting is an art. In today’s competitive world children need the motivation, appreciation and emotional security to blossom into wholesome individuals.

“When would a child lie to a parent, or hide things from a parent?”

According to her, a child needs to know that he is loved unconditionally. He/she needs to feel the comfort level of being able to come to the parent and talk about things that trouble him/her, make him/her anxious.

“Be a counselor to the child”, said Sister Shivani.

What does a counselor do? A counselor listens, without judging. A counselor accepts you regardless. A counselor comes with great empathy. A counselor understands you from your perspective.

Good thoughts…Good Words

good thoughts

“Pour some love into the food you make. Chant wonderful affirmations while stirring the milk to be given to your child.”

In simpler words Energize your child. The chanting and the affirmations definitely help in changing the frequency of the vibration. The vibrations become more positive.

Every word carries energy. A negative word carries negative energy. Speak words that empower, that appreciate.

“Our every word can be a blessing for the child.”

We certainly can live in a blissful world if we can learn to channelize our emotions. By creating good feelings and good thoughts we are creating positive energy.

“Power to empower should be our mantra.”

“We can only do this if we are stable. If we have learnt to condition our emotions”, said sister Shivani.

Are we saying we need to get detached from all things? No that is not her message. The message is ‘be stable in your emotions.’

Emotions are volatile. Negative Emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, envy, can destroy. These emotions only damage relationships, mostly leaving you once again sad and lonely, sometimes angry and hateful of the other. It is a vicious cycle.

good thoughts
Audience listening to Sister Shivani

Sister Shivani cited a saying: “Jaisa ann vaisa mann; jaisa panni vaisi vanni.”

“Take out half an hour every morning to charge yourself with positive emotions. Affirm all good and positive statements. This will help protect you. The vibrations around you will not affect you. Self- care is the need of the hour today. Children also must be taught to be emotionally independent.”

Life is all about the choices we make. We have to decide how is it we want for our lives to be? One that has a lot of love and compassion in it, or one that is fraught with worry and fear?

This competitive and materialistic world has left one with a feeling of a deep void within. We have all the materialistic things in the world, yet are seeking for something. Sometimes not knowing what is it that we are looking for.

A restlessness sets in.

All of us at the memorial hall that day had come looking for answers. The answers are within.

good thoughts
Prajakta Albuquerque with Sister Shivani

Are we prepared to take that walk within? Do we have the time or the inclination to take that inward journey? Have we got the determination to pursue that inward journey?

A mind that is peaceful; A mind that is willing; A mind that is stable; is a mind that will attain the authentic power.

The power to empower others!

The session ended with Sister Shivani interacting with the audience. Her peaceful demeanor, her mellifluous voice and the pearls of wisdom captivated the hearts of all present at the Nehru Memorial Hall.

Sister Shivani wished for all to maintain ‘stability of the mind for 24 hours’ beginning then in the Hall.

Wonder how many of us implemented her wish?






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