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6 Spa Therapy Trends to Relax You


The incredulous massage balm that lingers on your skin or that incredible head therapy your masseur gave you complimentarily is paradise! You will relate to this if you have a mind and body weary of routine. We know how electable sometimes a spa can get! There is an absolute need to triumph over your own body and unbutton your soul.

We walk you through some of the most bustling spa trends to modify your temper!

  1. Organic Unwinding


The use of natural and organic products is finally oven hot this season. The tyranny of chemicals has been taking a toll on the health of men and women. The mud packs made of original seaweed or even the cucumber and aloe gels are gaining gut. If you have been postponing the appointment at your spa, now is the time!

2. Vibrations of Luxury


We have all heard the sound of water, chirping birds at a spa and now that has been paired with positive vibrations. The mood is beautified by using vibration sound that sends the receiver to a different world. These tranquilizing notes magically conquer your anxiety within minutes!

3. Vampire Facials


The implausible Vampire Facials have gone viral in 2018! The technique involves massage with your own blood! This might sound hair-raising, but it is true. We know it isn’t easy to try this one and, so we too are profoundly thinking about trying this one!


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4. Acupuncture

Spas are maddened with this technique of acupuncture which is considered as the best medicine for many ailments. If you are troubled by lack of sleep, anxiety or any pains, this therapy is your confidante! Let your therapist know your problem area and luxuriate in a world of relief. The therapy will involve the use of needles to press your pressure points but don’t worry it isn’t frightening at all.


5. A Platter of Bugs


We know this sounds highly creepy, but apparently the experts say, Bugs are great nourishment for your body. The spas have sincerely picked up this trend world over and are generously serving these creatures to eat. You can check if your nearest spa has hooked on to this spine-chilling rage!

6. The Millennial Target


Spas are thrilling the quiet empire by introducing selfie stations for millennials who are their target audiences. The response millennials post on social media is such a marketing breadwinner for the wellness industry. A younger generation is being hired as therapists to establish better connections with the millennials who visit spas often. If you can rate your experience as your Facebook status or blabber about in your Instagram story, what better can it get for your masseur!

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