Much to celebrate about … Nitrro at the Nitrrothon


There was much to celebrate on the 3rd of November, 2018; the winners of Nitrrothon, and a special social cause that Prabodh Dhavkharey along with Prajakta Abuquerque and a team of selfless workers is embarking on. It is an initiative that aims at educating the rural street child across Pune, giving them a brighter and better future.

To celebrate the winning of a race that proved the endurance, strength and ability of the participants Prabodh had a wonderful gathering at the Pool. Some select individuals were invited to grace the occasion. Starters flowed, healthy drinks from the café Torsocurl were served to all present. And of course, not forgetting the wonderful hampers that were presented to all the winners.

Jitendra Gaware with Prajakta Albuquerque, Chahat Dalal, Abhishek Kulkarni and Prabodh Davkharey

A triathlon is a multi-sport activity that combines three continuous activities. The activities can vary however the most common are running, swimming, and cycling of varying distances, normally conducted outdoors.

Nitrro Wellness & Fitness Hub took this endurance race a notch higher by hosting it indoor. Nitrro conducted a 5 k run, a 20 k spinning activity, and a 400 meters swimming race in a set sequence.

For all those who were eager to participate and were not swimmers, the management at the gym were only more encouraging and decided on a Mini Nitrrothon for all the non- swimmers . It included a 5k run and a 20 k spinning race.

The event that started in the morning ended with Prize Distribution. To celebrate the momemt Nitrro had invited some dignitaries. Also present were the Ex Commissioner Ajit Parasnis and  model Chahat Dalal as chief guests.  Members of Nitrro and the entire staff added to the joyous moment with lots of clapping and cheering for the winners.

Jitendra Gaware, Ekta Parpia, Prabodh Davkharey, and Ajit Parasnis
Satish Moze, Prabodh Davkharey, and Munira Jawadwala
Ex Commissioner of Police Ajit Parasnis presenting to Ekta Parpia

The winners of the Nitrrothon men’s category were Jitendra Gaware (54 minutes 06 seconds), Satish Moze (56 minutes 29 seconds) and Yuvraj Takale (1 hour 15 seconds). Ekta Parpia (1 hour 12 seconds), Meghna Ranade (1 hour 14 seconds) and Paola Manzo (1 hour 19 seconds) bagged the prize in the women’s category.

Jitendra Gaware with Chahat Dalal and Prajakta Albuquerque
Yuvraj Takale, Prajakta Albuquerque, and Prabodh Davkharey
Suraj Mohite with Prajakta Albuquerque

The winners of the Mini Nitrrothon were Suraj Mohite (57 minutes 11 seconds), Shivraj Gaikwad (59 minutes 26 seconds) and Mohan Magar (1 hour 02 minutes) in the men’s category, while Tanuja Rodriguis (56 minutes 11 seconds), Amruta Joshi (56 minutes 50 seconds) and Riti Arora (1 hour 47 seconds) proved their mettle in the women’s category.

Munira, Amruta Joshi and Prabodh Davkharey
Munira with Riti Arora
Munira with Tanuja Rodriguis and Prabodh Davkhare

Sharing the excitement of participating in such event one of the winners and triathlete Paola Manzo said, “Being a triathlete, I have participated in various triathlon and sometimes it gets very difficult for participants to concentrate because of the speeding vehicles. So when Nitrro came up with gym triathlon, I was intrigued as the idea is not only unique but also safe for the participants”.

As the cliché goes…All is well that ends well!

Well congratulations to all the winners of the Trialthlon!






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