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In a world of full of competition where making the cut is all that matters, there is something that matters more. However, well-rounded you are, unless you can market yourself well you may get left behind in the race. I see today’s generation, they come prepared for any surprise that could descend on them. No more naivety about expectations. Which is wonderful; however, drives home the point that to stand out you need a little something that only you possess. And nothing speaks for itself like confidence! Sourced from knowledge and experience, it also requires one to be comfortable with who they are, and for a person to feel good about how they are perceived. In which I believe grooming plays a significant role. Hygiene, dressing, accessories, make-up…they all add to the package. Nykaa – one of the leading and fastest growing Indian cosmetic brands invited me for their press conference on the 27th of July where their dynamic and elegant founder & CEO Falguni Nayar shared with all Nykaa’s new verticals to hit the market. Pioneering the trend in Indian markets, Nykaa.com Houses over 1000 + brands and 1,00,000 + products on its website, app, and stores, becoming India’s top beauty retailer.

Nykaa-The Beauty Bar At the West End Mall

The Nykaa Store at the West End Mall
The Beauty Bar at the West End Mall
Falguni Nayar Founder and CEO of Nykaa

The Pune edition of Beauty Bar was hosted at the Westend Mall, where Puneites enjoyed personalized makeup and beauty sessions, skin consults with beauty experts as well as recommendations on the best makeup products and tips for solving beauty dilemmas. Similar events have been conducted at Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Kochi before, making this the 9th. As Pune known for its fabulous weather enjoys the monsoon, emphasis for its citizens was on seasonal beauty. Tips were shared by masters of their craft such as India’s leading beauty blogger Debasree. Consultations by Lakme, Miss Claire, Brillare, partner Enrich Salon and of course Nykaa were offered. Products highlighted were Essential oils by ‘Nykaa Naturals’ which was also included in the goody bag in the press kit sent back with the attendees and Lakme’s Aloe infused makeup range.

The New Range of Cosmetics

The range of cosmetics at the Nykaa Store at the West End Mall
The range of cosmetics at the Nykaa store at the West End Mall

Ms. Nayar also shared with us the launch of their new ranges of cosmetics. The liquid lip wear was a campaign she spoke of very fondly as her team and daughter had been relentlessly working on making it a success. What hit home was the concept behind it. It is a range for women who truly represent today’s India. The IT girl, the Bombae(girl) – as one of their shades is named, capturing the spirit of that city and its women. I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard Pune’s shade was a beautiful Pink named after ‘Mastani’ herself.

The Nykaa Man

Cosmetics aren’t to hide the beauty beneath. They are to enhance what one may be conscious off and would certainly not want being a roadblock in them feeling wonderful about themselves. I’d like to quote Elizabeth Arden here, “I don’t sell cosmetics, I sell hope.” Hope in those little jars and pretty bottles. The changing trend is very refreshing; it is nice to see today’s man also wanting to smell nice and clean up good for his woman. Not to discredit men who have been doing the same for years however the percentage has boomed in the last few years. The metrosexual man has been the reason for their first vertical, Nykaaman.com. India’s first multi-brand e-commerce store dedicated to men’s grooming. They offer products across categories like shaving, hair care, grooming kits, bath & body, beard care, sexual wellness, and sports nutrition with a special focus on men’s fragrances, luxury and skincare products. It is only on Nykaa Man that ‘The Shave Doctor’ will be exclusively available in India and it continues with brands like Kiehl’s, Clinique for Men and Beardo. The market for male customers is estimated to be worth more than INR 5000 crores and no time is more opportune than this for them to have launched the above. Well, it doesn’t stop here; expert advice and opinions on choosing the best regime to enrich the product experience will also be provided. As Mr. Nihir Parikh CBO Nykaa.com says, “the rising disposable income across the country makes the Indian landscape ready for the launch of Nykaaman.com.”

For a brand whose tagline is ‘Your Beauty. Our Passion’ Nykaa justifies its passionate approach toward making people feel amazing by thinking about every detail. Their second vertical Nykaadesignstudio lines up talented designers from various cities who can now reach out to clientele beyond their land boundaries with just a few clicks online. I was happy to hear Ms. Nayar speak of how measurements are key. That the best garment is rendered useless if it doesn’t fit well and hence her team and she have taken extra care to make the measurement chart as detailed and user-friendly as they could. Kudos to her. Brings me to the third; Nykaapro – for the professional range of make-up.

Nykaa Network one of its kind

Founder and CEO of Nykaa – Falguni Nayar

What I loved the most though was to hear of Nykaa network. Access to the best is not really an issue in today’s digitally connected world. However the question is the correct usage and application of the product which one can do here. Nykaa Network is India’s first interactive beauty forum where subscribers can chat with other beauty buffs, ask and answer beauty related questions, give and seek advice, discover trends and join beauty centric conversations. This platform as told to us has a 1.5 lakh monthly visit viewership and 13000 new members signing up every week bringing their YTD total to 2,50,000 subscribers. Additionally they can also get video advice from India’s leading make up, skin, hair and wellness experts. Talk about an all-inclusive website and here it is!

It’s true that beauty is skin deep. However external beauty, hygiene and wellness are important aspects that augment how one feels within thus helping the internal beauty shine through. A little external help never hurt; so go visit their website or a store close to you, pamper yourself a little, indulge in some personal care and leave it in the hands of the experts to make your day!




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