Perfume And Music Notes We Think Are A Boon

Perfume, Music

 4 notes of Perfumes and Music that relinquish, replenish and repose your senses in this humming boil!

We are intimidated by tech stuff, spoilt by emoticons to convey emotions and distracted by the low battery signal on our phones! What kind of life are we living? Are we happy or merely practicing the art of happiness in our fancy yoga sessions? Like they say, if you cannot change what is happening, you change your perspective. For centuries now it is a known fact that music is the harmony of life. Perfume can invade your senses and make you feel alive. Perfume can also act as a calming quotient.


  •  The Vitamin Melody of ‘Sa’ Shadja

Perfume, Music

In Indian music ‘Sa’ is the first royal ‘swara’ or the note to the art. When you utter ‘Sa’ the resonance produces optimistic vibrations that undo all that has gone wrong. Your entire body attempts to match that swara and it absorbs you. The comeliness of this swara of music is astronomically strong and it increases your capacity to focus on life goals. Music beholds many such irresistible notes, out of which ‘Sa’ is the first and gives boundless mirth like a baby’s babbling. The tiring day can be ended with the mere chanting of ‘Sa’ that will help you feel better! You need not be a music enthusiast at all, but this is a great way to perceive your moments better.

How about strumming your guitar with the vitamin swara ‘Sa’! Let thoughts fly free like birds out from the pigeon holes of a soul to produce the necessary vibe.

  • The Gin-soaked Tangerine

Perfume, Music

The gin-soaked Tangerine is an ingredient often used in perfumes. We love the fresh notes of a fragrance and they truly elevate our senses. The real reason is ‘tangerine’ smells like orange, as it belongs to the same family. These citrus notes always leave an adolescent energy behind! We think tangerine is unforgettable a note and it can help you kick that day better. You can try a fragrance that has this peculiar note and watch what vigor feels like!

Looks like somebody just undressed your perfume! Always look for a citrusy first note and a landing note of cedarwood or amber to smell pleasant throughout the day. Tangerine is generally a day based note and you can give it a miss at night by opting for darker notes.

  • The Essential Mineral of ‘Ga’

The Gandhara or the ‘Ga’ is again the third swar of the Sargam (sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa). Like a bird awaits rain, this swar is a must to complete any sweet melody. The power of chanting or humming Ga is incorrigible. Indian music has brilliant swara and Ga is one such that keeps a strong association with a goat. Every swar from the sargam is inspired by the sound of an animal or a bird. We do ignore nature multiple times with a dollop of greed, but it just gives us back ungrudgingly!

Perfume, Music

You ask a classical music enthusiast about ‘Ga’ not being counted, they sure will narrate how desolate it can get!

The production of this sound will transcend you in a world of bliss and erase all the wrongs. You can keep it on your playlist as an instrumental and grab the calm.

  • The Seductive Vetiver

If your perfume contains ‘vetiver’ as a note, you have kissed serendipity! You cannot get over the grassy, grounded aroma of Vetiver that trickles down your mind and body fusing both. An inch of earth in its first whiff leaves you calm! You will feel all the stability that was missing to date.

Perfume, Music

Vetiver also called (Khus Oil) is a base of Indian perfumery and is found in 36 percent of international perfume brands. The right fragrance if picked and smelled deep will help you relax from all the emotional drama that you go through. You can pick an essential oil bottle, however, watch the contraindications well.

Almost 20 percent of men’s fragrances contain vetiver notes and so be fearlessly frisked to daddy/husband’s closet to get a practical experience! The masculine woodiness of vetiver makes men’s perfumes so irresistible and this is quite an ancient belief.

Perfume, Music

Chanel no 5 and Opium have strong strands of Vetiver!

We hope these notes trap the turmoil you often complain about and grant you a good healthy space. The notes and their experiences are easy and should possibly kill all the malaise around. They will sure convert annoying doorbells into bird twitter, only if you surmise the power of notes to preen you!



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