‘Period Positiviy’ Novotel Viman Nagar collaborates with Humjoli foundation


Novotel Pune Viman Nagar recently collaborated with Humjoli Foundation to support women through a workshop on menstrual hygiene that emphasised on  eradication of ‘period poverty’ by replacing it with ‘period positivity’ under the hotel’s CSR initiative.

Humjoli is a Pune based foundation spearheaded by Dr. Sania Siddiqui that aims to spread awareness about menstrual health and hygiene. While doing this it primarily emphasizes on breaking menstruation taboos and myths. This all is done by ‘reaching & teaching’ women and young girls to sensitize them about the issues related with periods by conducting sessions, workshops, personal counselling, and sanitary napkin distribution drives.

Mr. Nitin Pathak, The General Manager- Novotel Pune Viman Nagar quoted:

“That this is one step towards taking the taboo out of menstruation, because in order to achieve gender equality girls should be able to talk about their periods and challenge the discrimination that is associated with menstruation and growing age. This will help them understand – rather than feel scared and fearful. And men can play a big role in this – if they are also educated, given the right support and resources.”


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