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“There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life”, said Varahamihira…a Hindu astronomer and polymath.

Life isn’t easy. Many of us however manage to still sail through. But all can’t; either because they may not have the required courage, or because the problems are too intense and too many.  In such a situation the knight in shining armor is someone who is like the following person I got to have a little knowledge sharing tete a tete with. Helping others by helping align their stars has not only been his profession but also his passion. Rohit Shastri or as we call him Panditji has all the answers! Read on to read about the wisdom I acquired as I asked him a few questions on a winter afternoon.

To contact Pandit Rohit Shastri you can call on: 9970786390, 9890991423

Firstly, Is this a family business?

Didi (meaning older sister – used to address with respect) We are allowed to study other streams also, we can venture outside of this science; however, we have great interest in it, and my father was the 6th generation to carry on this tradition. Now my brother and I are the 7th generation. He smiled hopefully when he said our children would be the 8th generation.

There are different types of predictive sciences – many streams, what do you practice?

Yes, there are many. We practice all. Face reading, palmistry, and astrology – reading for the birth chart, prayers and chanting to ward off or help support certain causes. And in that there are various types of prayers or poojas performed – Satya Narayan, Vaastu shanty, Havan, Maha Mryunyunjaya, birth ceremony, naming ceremony with all the detailed procedures.

We are also into Gemology. this science has been used by various cultures and civilizations for good health, wealth, happiness and protection. their several uses have been documented in ancient Hindu Scriptures like the Agni and Garuda Purana. 

Vastu Shastra an ancient science of architecture, where designs are integrated with nature, is also performed by us.

We also perform the Hindu Wedding which is essentially a Vedic Yajna ritual.

Wow, so I’ve heard that sometimes these poojas go on for 11 or 21 days even. Is that true? And do you meditate and sit in prayer yourself everyday to energize yourself for this cause?

Yes; they do go on for that long at times. And yes I do pray to energize myself on a daily basis. The 11 to 21 days you refer to are days when we also read holy books about the particular planet we are trying to appease. The planet to be worked on is decided from the birth chart. It could either be one we need to calm the effects of, or one we need to strengthen the affects of or sometimes for both. The process consists of two parts. One is what I mentioned above, the 11 – 21 days of focusing on the planets either collectively or one at a time. And the other part is what I mentioned in the earlier answer, the havan etc.

Interesting; so how do you learn all this? How do you study these procedures? Are you home schooled? Is there an institute or an ashram where one can go to learn these sciences?

It takes us 7 years to learn, acquire and then develop these skills. We used to initially accompany our father, and when we are 10 years we are admitted to the institute. We can study even after we are 17years of age and wish to garner more knowledge; however, 7 years is a minimum. All the sciences I’ve mentioned above are taught in detail, and we have a rigorous curriculum.  The institute/ashram is called a ‘muth’ and is between Maharashtra and Karnataka; it’s called the Raghavendra Swami Mantralaya. So we travel there for 7 years and return after our studies. There is a Guru or a Maharaj there who teaches us everything.

Do you also meditate?

Yes we meditate and chant; the overall study of these varied sciences also helps us meditate in varied ways.

When people ask you about their future, how do you make these predictions? And can these predictions change with the passage of time? Do they vary when the science used changes?

No it doesn’t change. May be very slightly however; it’s mostly the same. But, because the methods used to conclude are different the time at which this is deciphered also matters.  I’ll give you an example. For face reading and palmistry we have to read the face lines (forehead creases etc) and lines on your palm. These change every two to three years. The lines on the palm are also formed by the 9 planets influence. However for the birth chart reading, the chart is made on the basis of your date of birth, time and place; hence this remains the same. So we combine all and give a more comprehensive reading to our clients. Sometimes they don’t have their birth charts, or accurate details to make a new one and so for them we use the other sciences.

So how can the predictions be accurate if it changes?

Like I mentioned above, the hand and face, as the lines evolve the predictions are about 70% accurate but the birth chart is 100% accurate, and so we give a comprehensive reading that comprises of all.

Ok; understood. So what do people mean when they say that the time hasn’t come? And why do some predictions surface at later times and not the first time?

At times when the chart is under certain influences or there is a certain curse that needs to be undone, and generations are suffering due to it with similar patterns to the problems, it may not show up in every chart of the family member. So if we notice that the problem is persisting despite basic measures taken, then we take a look at charts of the entire family. Once put together, the problem reveals itself and we know what the solution is.

Why do we get these curses? Why are we subjected to such times even if we are good people?

Because it is not only our karma; our ancestor’s karma affects us as well. If they have harmed someone, it can affect us or may skip us and affect the next generation too.

Different planets affect differently. They target different areas of our life. Love, marriage, health, work, knowledge… some however cause an overall cause of concern. Rahu and Ketu cause the ‘Kalsarp yog’ which stays till the age of 30 for women. If there are further influences of Saturn then the effects experienced are worse. These reduce after 30 however if not tended to with the right solution the problems return.

So, when praying to these planets for our ancestors sins, how do we know which ancestor did wrong? How could we know their names and what they did to whom?

 We don’t need to know the names specifically. If we know it’s always good and we can pray for each soul. However, even if there are not details, we pray based on the family name which works extremely well.

What is it to be ‘Manglik’?

‘Mangal’ does not exist in all charts and the quadrant or which house it falls under causes the effects. It is also connected to the ancestral charts. If the previous generations had a strong Mangal influence, then it would mostly show up in your chart too. So when the influence of Mangal exists in certain houses, you are said to be Manglik. The strongest being when Mangal is in the ‘saptam sthan’, 7th house.  This doesn’t happen because of the curses or past doings. This happens because of the planetary positions. And if you have it your child and then your grandchild too are most likely to have it. So here, you do things to appease the planet – read its holy books, recite its chants, in some cases, as it affects your first marriage, you are asked to first marry a tree! Because the tree takes on itself the negativity and absolves you of it, leaving you free to now actually marry the person you were to.

If one of the partners is Manglik and the other isn’t, it’s fine if the influence of Mangal is nominal. Then it wouldn’t affect the marriage as much. However, if the influence is strong,  then the partner needs to also have some Mangal influence in their chart to create the balance.

Some people have great lives and all the riches and good. But they’ve done a lot of harm; how does that happen?

Just as our ancestor’s bad doings affect us, similarly if they’ve done good then that protects us as well. Good deeds, charity done by them nullify the effect. I’ll give you another example. The husband may be hurting people; however, if his wife is praying constantly and doing good and does charity, that has the power to shield this man as the husband and wife are considered one unit by nature.

Hmm… what is Siddhi? Or acquiring Siddhi?

It can’t be acquired easily. Only knowledge can’t get you there. You truly have to be a good person with a pure heart, who is very selfless and giving and abstains from causing hurt or deliberately sinning. A good heart is primary!

Is there any specific way to get there?

Yes, being very spiritual. And here too, your planets predict that you will be someone who will attain Siddhi; because you were born under that influence. A person who helps without barriers or prejudices, who stays on a righteous path and carries on with spiritual actions is on their way to Siddhi. Again, everyone who does this may not attain Siddhi.

After attaining Siddhi, if a person gets angry or does something wrong, do they lose this Siddhi?

No; we are human beings and we can make mistakes. If it was not intentional and if we correct ourselves we do not lose the power. We just need to rejuvenate with more prayer and meditation. However, if we misuse it out of ego or pride, like cursing someone etc. or hurt someone intentionally then yes we would suffer.

After completing the 7 year studies if one wants to study more, can they?

Yes, for sure. From learning more detailed scriptures, to giving spiritual talks, to teaching spirituality, all can be done.

And those who take Samadhi, who function on breath control, how long do they practice these breathing techniques?

All their life; they also abstain from marriage and worldly pleasure. Some great saints have gotten married; however, they then renounce everything. The extended family then looks after the family of the saint who gives up all to devote himself to God.

A spiritual Guru I’ve read of says, that your birth chart, that is your planetary positions when you are born are decided as per your karma and doings. however; there are people who have siddhi they are able to neutralize your karma?

It is only after much penance they acquire siddhi. It is only then that they can absolve one of their karmic cycle. You have one in thousands who can do this.

Any form of science that helps you grow spiritually and gives you support to move ahead is beautiful. There is great truth behind these rituals as well. However, to understand that one cannot simply rely on these and has to put in the required effort is key. When we work hard and have faith then the effects of various external factors that we at times can’t control can be reduced through these practices. Here’s wishing that anyone out there who needs the right guidance gets it when they do. Love and light!

To contact Pandit Rohit Shastri you can call on:

9970786390, 9890991423


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