Sweet Cravings at Sweet Bengal on Senapati Bapat Road


I looked around the shop and to my dismay I saw half the shelves empty. It was 2 in the afternoon and most of the sweets at SWEET BENGAL had been sold!

To my good fortune I was told another fresh batch was coming in. Freshly churned and rolled and patted and dipped in delicious syrup…I was about to taste some exquisitely made Bengali sweets made by a chef from Bengal.

I chose those that looked different to my eyes and the names errr were new to me, such as the Kheer Kodom…THE HIDDEN PLEASURE! It melts in your mouth to reveal the caramelized rosogolla within the outer malai covering. What a burst of flavor! The baked rosgulla….oh my my don’t miss this one, and the rosogulla made in date jaggery! The date jaggery is call Nolen Gur.  Palm syrup is extracted from palm trees in winters at the crack of dawn, in West Bengal. Oh oh the resinous sweetness and that kinda smoky flavor is a miracle of nature.

The video will certainly let you know how much I enjoyed sinking my teeth into these.

Let’s not forget the Sondesh. The natural, fresh, light and vegetarian sondesh come in rich chocolate, aromatic strawberry and nolen gur flavours.

And lastly one must end celebrations with the traditional Mishti Doi. Sigh! Just surrender to this legendary delicacy served in earthen pots at SWEET BENGAL.

SWEET BENGAL situated on Senapati Bapat road was born out of a desire of wanting to share with the wide world the heavenly taste of the subtle flavours that have actually led writers to pen poems and songs on them.

SWEET BENGAL started its journey in 1995, and have done marvelously well for themselves at their multiple outlets. The secret lies in they sourcing from different parts of Bengal artisans to create these tempting delicacies.

A variety of Sondesh, chomchoms, rosogollas, baked and the regular ones, along with a variety of snacks like Koraishutir Kochuri and Luchi Aloor Dom quicly established SWEET BENGAL as a favourite destination for Bengais sweets in Mumbai. And today, proved even in Pune!


I was pleasantly surprised with the chaat counter. Fresh and clean it was so inviting. I have a weakness   for chaat and went head on to savor some pani puri or as the Bengalis call it puchka. Different it was but certainly flavorful. And the delectable kachori chat …a must have!

Chef Sunil Mondol is the chef who makes you drool over those tempting bengali sweets.

Chef Shashilesh Kumar Yadav is the one who makes you want more of the chaat.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of the variety one can get there.

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