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Pune Fashion Fiesta 2018 Season Two

When a beautiful face sashays down the runway or a billboard stares back at us while we wait at the signal, a cute Alia...

Raising Funds for Thalassemia

It was the 11th of May 2018. Round Table India in association with India Vocal, Dr.Vijay Ramanan and the Maharashtra Society of Thalassemia was responsible...

Valentine’s Day Special

As I walked in, the air was vibrant with music and mirth in the air. The 10th of February 2018, just a few days...

Jackie Shroff the Ambassador for Thalassemia

It has been a while that I have been trying to get in touch with Jackie Shroff. He is the only one who has...

Round Table India with Dr. Vijay Ramanan-Working for Thalassemia

I wrote an article on Thalassemia a few weeks ago. Soon after that, I decided I needed to take this cause further. I was aware...