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Nitrro- The Gym with a Difference – in Pune

For most of us the dynamics of health keeps on changing as our lifestyle is not constant. At times we find ourselves healthy, at...

Beautifully artistic fitness form in air

With sheer focus and keeping your mind calm you maneuver various poses. It’s a gracious flow of the body, in the air. Aerial Yoga...

Breathe Well – a simple yet effective cure to Asthma

Prana, or ‘Life Force’ is a Sanskrit word, as translated in Yoga very often. Yoga is an ancient culture that is known to bring...

Finding your way into ‘Nothingness’… The Shoonyam Quotient

“Man has a Centre, but he lives off it- off the Centre. That creates an inner tension, a constant turmoil, anguish. You are not...