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The Impact of enhancing one’s external looks

The interview with Dr.Raveena Agarwal the CEO of Elegante Aesthetics will give you an insight of the importance and the impact of enhancing ones external looks.

Aristotle said, “There can be no better presentation of a man than his beauty’.”

The literal definition of Beauty is….a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

Over a period of time the perspective of Beauty has altered. It is all about creating the first impression on people’s mind.

The person’s external appearance, the confidence he carries along with it will determine the impression created.

Psychologists state that the external appearance is the indicator of the individual’s personality today. It reflects his culture and upbringing, confidence and self esteem.

The impact of one’s external looks is felt in almost every field today and is not limited only to the field of performing arts as it was once upon a time.

Growing need for Well Groomed Personalities

There is a growing need to be groomed well in every industry today.  The saying Don’t judge a book by its cover does not hold good any more. An attractive personality plays a large role even in the selection of an employee. Research has stated that such candidates get selected when evaluating applicants. Employees are paid more. People with an attractive personality enjoy a lot of benefits. They get better positions at work places and also are more romantically desired.

When you look good you feel good and a lot of good comes your way.

Some Benefits of being Well Groomed

Looking good boosts self-confidence and self-esteem which in turn adds to the personality.

It draws attention instantly and others want to be associated with you.

It helps in building relationships.

You are accepted easily by an audience, hence it can have a beneficial impact on your communication and presentation. People believe you more.

Dr. Raveena Agarwal has worked with several clients in enhancing their looks. She is a certified medical practitioner, and advises that one should always go to a certified practitioner. There are many beauticians who are not trained yet practice cosmetology.

Dr.Raveena Agarwal uses non-surgical ways to enhance your looks. A lot of her treatments can be used for therapeutic purpose as well as aesthetic purposes.

For eg. Botox is a neurotoxin, and can be used for therapeutic purpose such as migraines, teeth grinding, bells palsy, and non-cancerous lipoma.

Facial slimming, turtle neck, skin tightening, hyperpigmentation are some of the treatments to enhance your looks.

Self Love

Improving your appearance is a way to Self Love. And there is nothing shallow about it. If it helps you in improving your confidence and self esteem, it keeps you happy and rids you of social anxiety; I would say give it a try whole heartedly!

The interview was shot at Hyatt Kalyani Nagar Pune. My gratiitude to Mr. Kamal the Marketing Head and Shruti Sengupta.

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