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The mother daughter love is forever; and this was reflected in Purva Kothari when she let her mother choose her complete set of jewelry for her wedding. It was the time when Purva actually had no knowledge of jewelry.  However, the moment now tells us another story.

Purva Kothari

It has been 22 years since she has been designing jewelry. An interior designer by education she tried her hand at designing interiors; however, after marriage family took precedence. Spending long hours at the site away from the family she adores was not what she enjoyed.

She decided to try her hand at designing jewelry. Her first attempt was at her brother’s wedding, and she has not stopped since.

Intrea Jewels
Mother’s Day Special

What is the significance of the name Intrea? I found it very intriguing!

“It has been taken from two words Indian and Treasure. The 2 prefixes. It also means whatever is in and trending.”

Intrea is a joint venture between designer Purva Kothari & manufacturer of diamonds & jewellery Mr.Harnish R. Sheth. Intricately handcrafted jewelery creating mesmerizing designs in diamonds and gemstones. Intrea bears in mind the trends, and is a perfect blend of ethnicity and modernity. Intrea collection also focus on intricate heavy bridal jewelery, mostly necklaces, bracelets & danglers.

I took a closer look at the jewelry displayed. I found the pieces designed intricately and tastefully. They looked like perfect classics, pieces you could wear at any time for any occasion and yet stand out wearing them.

“I have good trained workmen and it is a blessing to have them. The diamonds are of exquisite quality. Even after several years they would retain their shine.

An exquisite piece of art.

I had to ask this question.

When did you see success? Was it work that brought you success, or was it the family name that brought you success?

“My work is my passion, my meditation. I am very happy when designing. More than selling the product I am very happy when my work is looked at and appreciated, especially the hard work that goes into the intricate designs.. Marketing is not my forte.  I love making pieces and showing them.”

I probed. You carry the Darda name. Your father heads Lokmat. Does that leave you walking in his shadow?

“Not at all. On the contrary. I am yes a very shy person by nature. However, they are the ones who always encouraged me. They are my backbone and are so down to earth!”

It was easy to see that the virtue of humility runs in the family. I say this as I have met the father Mr. Vijay Darda, and he certainly is modest and unassuming.

We continued our conversation over all the noise. My eyes fell on a ring so flawlessly designed. Our eyes met and I guess she understood that I needed to know more.

“My USP is my designer rings. So everybody says ‘Purva your rings are beautiful!’  They like to flaunt them around. And above all they are priced at an affordable price. And how I love designing those chunky rings.”

Ruby Red Diamond Ring
The setting gives a look of a 7 carat diamond

Where ever you look today one sees plenty of jewelry stores, some brands that have been in the industry for years, all designing to compete. A lot of new jewelry stores opening up with new designers who have studied abroad and have come to make their mark in the market. How does she survive in all of this competition was my next question.

“But I never feel that. I feel you have to do your bit. It is your personality that you are showcasing. Also, If I like somebody elses’ stuff I promote it. There is so much for everyone.”

Sometimes the competitors are there to bring you down.

“I know but then it is each ones karma. I don’t reciprocate those feelings. Nobody can steal any skill from anybody nor can they steal anybody’s destiny.”

Diamonds sure are a girl’s best friend. But then variety is the spice of life. So was wondering if the jewelry had any resalable value?

“All my pieces are designer pieces. I don’t take repeat order. These are single pieces. And so yes when you come back to me I take the pieces back with just a minimum exchange rate. And my customers are aware of it. They are very happy with the quality and the services I give them. I give them door to door delivery. I send my staff to have a look. I customize it to their budget.  It is just my passion. Not that I just want to sell my stuff.”

Now with that kind of service success is bound to knock at the door!

Kareena at the launch of Intrea

Purva and her husband recently sent a lot of needy items to the flood victims in kerala. She and her husband believe in doing charity silently and not making it a CSR activity. They are always there for their helpers whenever they are in need.

“Charity begins at home”, said Purva. Absolutely!

Some other things Purva is passionate about are cooking, baking and painting.

She is a homey at heart. She makes time for the family. Breaks away from work to spend that quality time with the family. She speaks of how a joint family is a boon, once upon a time a strong culture that is now fast dying. One can weather any storm if one has a loving family around to fall back on.

She misses her mum. Purva wishes to be all that she was, selfless and a giving soul. This strong desire of hers has eventually led her to even look more like her mum. And that keeps her very happy.










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