Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine day

As I walked in, the air was vibrant with music and mirth in the air. The 10th of February 2018, just a few days before Valentine’s day, however, love was in the air at Waikiki.

The color red dominated the scene. It definitely added to the passion of the evening.

The décor drew my attention and you couldn’t help but notice the theme was LOVE.

Valentine’s day
Vishal and Preity Mody

All were celebrating the fast-approaching Valentine’s day. It’s the Valentine week. All 7 days from the 7th of February to the 14th of February is celebrated with as much vigor and passion as Valentine’s day is.  Each day has a name. The 10th is the cutest of them all – The Teddy Day.  Doesn’t get mushier than that! The Heart once again strategically placed on the floor depicted that.

Round Table India had decided to host their event at Waikiki.

Valentine’s day
Waikiki- The Tikki Bar

Waikiki has a very welcoming and warm ambiance. The blue LEDs give it a soft look. A perfect outdoor lounge feel. The bar is strategically placed across the dance floor and overlooks all. One can stand at the bar, sipping at his/her drink and soak in all that is happening around. And if a drink or two has put you in the mood to shake a leg one can dance away to the dance floor.

Valentine’s day
Kapil Pashankar, Ruby Pashankar, Prajakta Albuquerque, Vinay Aranha, Vishal Mody and Preity Mody

The split-level construct takes you to different areas where you can chill with your own group if you want to just chat with your friends and sip at your drinks. You would still be a part of the music and the dance floor, as you would be overlooking it, and yet you would be enjoying your privacy.

Valentine’s day
DJ Yusuf Kapasi

That night the ladies looked ravishing in their best red dress. It would have been the perfect evening for Yusuf Kapasi to play the song Lady in Red by Rod Stewart. The men were smartly dressed.

It was a party hosted by 2 members of PRT 15. Every month one or more members of each Chapter host a get together individually or jointly and invite members from their own chapter and certain members from other chapters also.

Round Table India had their Area Executive Board meeting in Pune earlier in the day and all the members were invited to the party.

Waikiki is known for its exquisite starters, and finger licking Indian delicacies. The dal makhani… is their signature dish. I have yet to taste a dal so well made.

The Tablers were definitely savoring the delights without giving much thought to the waste line. Many of them were in the mood to dance, which they did and let their hair down.

Mr. Avinash Aggrawal- Area Chairman of Round Table India and Mr. Lalit Pittie, chairman of one of the tables at Round Table India and I got into a deep conversation.

Round Table India has the intent to screen the blood of all the children who are a part of the many schools they build and refurbish, for Thalassemia. Although it was a party to have fun and unwind, the chairmen of Round Table India and the tablers were quite passionate and discussed ways of taking the cause ahead.

Great ambiance, good music, delectable food, energetic people and a cause that binds it all.

Waikiki renders all! The place to be at!


For more pictures, you may take a look at the gallery.





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