Women Empowerment-Compassion Binds us! At Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar.


Woman have the inherent power to be compassionate. Bearing a child for 9 months in her womb is significance enough. Her nurturing instincts begin from there. However over the years of suppression women realized they had to fight for gender equality and for social and economic empowerment. Women Empowerment became the term that was used/is used worldwide as this issue is prevalent world over.

What makes a woman powerful? When she gives others the strength to make a positive difference. This calls for compassion.

Compassion for herself is primary where she learns to accept and validate her pain in the open knowing that she is not alone; that it is a shared human condition. She need not hang her head in shame. Compassion for herself where she tenderly cares for herself when she is in pain and not become overly judgmental about the situation, in the process criticizing herself and blaming herself for the situation. When she is self compassionate she begins to transform and heal. Only then will she be able to give of herself completely to another who needs compassion along the way.

 With International Women’s Day around the corner, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar hosted a panel discussion on ‘Compassion Between Women’ on Sunday 3rd March at Fishbowl.

Hyatt Pune’s vision to organize the Panel Discussion with some of city’s eminent and famous personalities was to focus on ‘compassion’ that a women feels for another women, be it at workplace, industry, social environment or at home. Standing tall on Hyatt’s purpose that states, “We Care For People So That They Can Be Their Best.”

“Every single person can make a difference just through the choices we make on a daily basis. The first step is to know and understand what compassion is. Our human compassion binds us together, as we dwell on empathy for human beings and women by their intrinsic genes are nurturers and care-givers” quoted Sumit Kumar – General Manager, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar.

Sumit Kumar General Manager Hyatt Pune

The panelist’s shared their thoughts and ideologies to prove that if women stand up for each other and support and flourish together, we would be living in a world that understands and nurtures Empathy towards each other.

Ms. Vidya Tiwari – Editor, Trofii Magazine; Ms. Sonia Agarwal Konjeti – Founder, PULA (Group on Facebook – Pune Ladies); Mr. Sumit Kumar – General Manager, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar; Ms. Rashmi & Ms. Chahat Dalal – Co-Founders Dazzle Dust and Model; Ms. Mita Banerjee – Philanthropist & Founder Team Miracle and Ms. Shubhra Misra – Programming Head at Radio One were the panelists for the occasion.

(L-R) – Sumit Kumar; Rashmi Dalal; Sonia Konjeti; Mita Banerjee; Shubhra Misra; Chahat Dalal; Vidya Tiwari.jpg

Vidhya Tiwari started the discussion by asking a question, “Which woman has been an inspiration of compassion in each one’s life?”

Chahat of course began by giving her version of feminism where she said “be the best version of yourself.” And this is something that is instilled in one as one is growing up. Her inspiration has been her family and of course her mother. Her father was responsible for having sown the seeds of making her realize that there is no distinguishing between a man and woman. One just needs to play his or her role well.

Shubra of course again said it was her mother who in-spite of all the emotional angst that she went through was compassionate in her life towards all. She also spoke of Deepak Kapoor’s (a colonel) wife who looked after the wives of all who were a part of the unit, when in need.

Sudha Pai, Sheila Christian are environmentalists who have impressed Mita Banerjee. They relentlessly work for the good of the environment. Mita says mother earth is the most compassionate as she only gives and never asks.

According to Mita Banerjee women need to be economically resourceful, and it’s the best way to empower them and reduce poverty.

Sonia made a very valid point. “For someone to be an inspiration the person could have performed a small act of compassion to have inspired; it needn’t be a life time of actions.” A woman is born with the quality of compassion. She cited a few examples of how the women in her life her mother, her daughter, and some of the women on her group Pula have acted out of compassion so spontaneously at moments.

Rashmi Dalal shared the same sentiments.  Rashmi said, “Giving a hug to someone who is low is also compassion. Listening to another without giving advice is compassion.”

Of course Sumit was a patient listener and praised all. He always wanted to make a difference in the lives of other people. He spoke of his mother who had to adapt to situations where she was at one side of the family the eldest, and at the other spectrum was the youngest. Her qualities of adaptability and flexibility were ingrained in him over the years by just watching her. The qualities of a great leader. How she had to switch from commanding respect as the eldest, and giving love and being a good listener, and at times also giving advice. It has helped him become a better person and professional.

Sumit Kumar, Rashmi Dalal, Sonia Konjeti, Mita Banerjee

The session was driven by the fact that women can constantly inspire and create change, while lasting difference can be made when we all join together.

It is by learning skills that will help generate monetary value, by building another’s capabilities, by increasing access to information and resources, by being driven as a community believing in one another and not bringing another down, by lifting another’s self esteem, by listening to another showing empathy, by just being there for one another we can empower ourselves and other women, not just women but others also.

Love heals all…

As Vidhy Tiwari quoted from the bible…’love thy neighbor as thy self.’ She conducted the discussion with utmost passion.

Let us learn to generate love and compassion for one another making this world a beautiful place to live in.





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